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Dance & Cheer Class Descriptions


Zumba: The Latin-inspired, easy to follow, calorie burning, FEEL-IT-TO-THE-CORE "Fitness PARTY"! To find out more information follow this link:

Toddler Tunes (Ages 24-36 months) A freeform music & movement class that introduces songs & props in a creative learning environment. This class is limited to 6 children with plenty of individual attention.

Pre-Ballet (Age 3) A wonderful introduction to the fundamentals of movement, rhythm, body awareness & self-expression. This class also includes exercises to build strength & flexibility. Children enrolled in this program must be potty trained.

Pre-Ballet (Age 4 ) This class uses a creative movement format to introduce the first elements of ballet. The curriculum is carefully balanced with discipline, imagination & fun!

Ballet/Tap (Kindergarten) The fundamentals of ballet & tap are introduced in this class.

Ballet/ Jazz (Kindergarten) The fundamentals of ballet & jazz dance are introduced in this class.

Jazz/ Tap (Kindergarten) The fundamentals of jazz & tap are introduced in this class.

Ballet (Beg, Int, Adv) With an emphasis on flexibility, correct body placement & discipline, this classical technique class includes barre & center combinations.

Pointe For advanced ballet students, this class consists of classical ballet technique en pointe. Registration for this class requires instructor's recommendation.

Jazz (Beg, Int, Adv) A popular form of dance ranging in styles derived from Broadway & classic jazz vocabulary. A great energy booster!

Tap (Beg, Int, Adv) A syncopated style of dance deriving its roots from the rhythms of Irish Step dance &

Spanish Flamenco. This class explores many rhythmic patterns to different styles of music.

Hip Hop (Beg, Int, Adv) Students learn the coolest moves from this urban style of dance with age appropriate popular music. Great for coordination, too.

Contemporary (Teen) Incorporating elements from ballet, jazz & modern dance, this class for teens explores self-expression through lyrical music. A great compliment to a more structured & traditional ballet class.

Dance Team (Mini, Jr) A fun combination of dance & cheer, our dance team classes emphasize synchronization, performance skills & most importantly...teamwork!

Musical Theatre (Beg Teen) Trying dance for the first time? Our musical theatre class is a great program for beginner teens. With essential Broadway choreography & music from stage & film, this class will also focus on stage direction & showmanship.

Cheer (Beg, Int) A fun class for girls or boys who want to learn & improve their cheer skills. This class will also incorporate jumps, motion technique & mini cheer routines.

Cheer Tumble (Int, Adv) For those looking to enhance their cheer skills. Level appropriate tumbling skills will include cartwheels to back tucks as well as drills to sharpen cheer basics.

Cheer Stunt This class is designed to teach the basics of cheer stunting in the safety of a gym with instructors knowledgeable on safety in stunting. KSHAA approved (so cheerleaders can use on sidelines) A minimum of 4 is needed, coaches are invited, too!

Legends All-Stars (Mini, Jr) A competitive cheer team with moderate time commitment, enrollment for this class requires an evaluation. Team also involves 4-5 competitions locally per year.

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