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Basic middlegame strategy

The middlegame begins at the end of the opening, and continues until the endgame, when most of the pieces have been removed from the board.

It is very complicated, with many pieces in play, and offers opportunities for tactics and strategy.

Strategy in the middlegame consists of making plans that are in harmony with the position, especially the pawn structure, and countering your opponent's plans.

Tactics (which can occur in any phase of the game) include:

Forks Pins Skewers Double attacks Decoys Deflections

Combinations are prevalent in the middlegame, and consist of a series of tactics which work together to yield an advantage - for example, you might offer a pawn to get your opponent's pieces placed so that you can fork them, winning one of them. That would be a combination of a decoy and a fork.

Provided the game doesn't end in the middlegame, one might attempt to arrive at a pleasant endgame with an advantage.