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We Save Lives and Enhance Self-Esteem: Lawrence Breakfast Optimist Club (LBOC) attracts a group of men and women who help EMPOWER community youth programs.

Weekly LBOC meetings provide for dynamic fellowship among engaged coaches, mentors and tutors actively concerned with our local community's sustainable well-being (health, safety and environment)

Kansas City, Mo. — Turns out there might be more to those “Yes we can” campaign speeches than just good delivery.

Optimism — the expectation of a better tomorrow — is universal, according to a new worldwide Gallup poll.

Around the world, 95 percent of people expect their lives in five years to be as good as or better than they were five years ago, according to the survey analyzed by a Kansas University graduate student.

“The instillation of hope is the biggest factor that causes change,” said Matthew Gallagher, 27, a clinical psychology student who came up with the idea to find out how optimistic people were.

ALL-WinWin Advocacy Survival Skills Checklist This checklist summarizes major points from KU "Community Tool Box" text.

___Accentuate the positive

___Emphasize your organization's accomplishments to the community

___Plan for small wins

___Present the issues in the way you want others to see them

___Develop your own public identity

___Check your facts

___Keep it simple

___Be passionate and persistent

___Be prepared to compromise

___Be opportunistic and creative

___Stay your course

___Look for the good in others

___Keep your eyes on the prize

___Make issues local and relevant

___Get broad based support from the start

___Work within the experiences of your group members

___Try to work outside the experiences of your opponents

___Make your opponents play by their own rules

___Tie your advocacy group's efforts to related events

___Enjoy yourself


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LBOutreach Support

2009 "Healthy Us  Happy Earth" Outing

2009 "Healthy Us Happy Earth" Outing

New York Elementary School Arbor Day Outing with LEAP-497 Partners to experience Citizen Science ...

2010 ALL-WinWin Virtual Team Tactics

2010 ALL-WinWin Virtual Team Tactics

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2011 Hy-Vee LBOCommunity Stewardship

2011 Hy-Vee LBOCommunity Stewardship

Downtown Lawrence Old-Fashioned Christmas Parade color commentators.

2012 Essay Contest Registration

2012 Essay Contest Registration

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Kimberly Williams Lawrence Breakfast Optimist Club

The Breakfast Optimist Bouncy House fundraiser was a huge hit with the kids at the Busker Fest 2013! I heard so many kids say how much fun they had! Good job, Breakfast Optimists!!

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Bob-RJ Burkhart Lawrence Breakfast Optimist Club

First up: Halloween Paint-In, organized by Lawrence Parks & Recreation.

Anyone wanting to paint a Halloween scene on a Massachusetts Street window — a family-friendly artistic vision, not vandal-minded graffiti — may submit a sketch to organizer Duane Peterson, who in turn can set you up with a glass canvas and all the wash-off paint you’ll need.

Approved participants can be anyone from the third grade and up, and each will receive a T-shirt. Painting commences from 8 a.m. to noon Saturday.

It’s a family-friendly event,” Peterson said."

Tabetha Faith, 9, Lawrence, paints herself into a pumpkin’s head Saturday as she draws a Halloween image on the window of Capitol Federal Bank at 1046 Vt. Tabetha was participating in the Halloween painting event sponsored by the Downtown Lawrence Association.