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Rating: 5

motoadventure Max E Kautsch, Attorney

Last year I found myself on the receiving end of a lawsuit due to my negative reviews of a local business. After some initial help from a lawyer friend, I started shopping for an attorney. The first guy I was recommended to was a train wreck. He'd listen but not hear what I was saying, he obviously held himself in high regard.

Then I was referred to Max and felt an immediate wave of relief. Before I paid him a dime we had a meeting to go over the ins and outs of my case, and he'd done a little footwork before hand. Not only was he a good listener, he seemed like he was firing on all cylinders and even though I was slightly disjointed in my own legal arguments he was right there with me the whole time. He was incredibly helpful in navigating the laws on the books, and was confident that I had a slam-dunk case. After this, I felt perfectly confident in him and put him on retainer and a little while later we filed our countersuit.

Communication was quick and honest, and he did everything when it needed to be done. We were able to get a positive outcome, and I feel as though the money spent on his legal services was well worth it. I would recommend Max Kautsch to anyone, my experience was great.

Rating: 1

Ronda Miller Max E Kautsch, Attorney

If this is the same Max Kautsch who is acting judge for small claims division of Municipal Court, I would never use him as an attorney. He doesn't take the time to listen or allow the case to be presented. He was in such a rush to wrap things up during recent mediation procedures that he interrupted them which in no way assisted the process.

He came across as rude, impatient and uncivil. I will not use him, recommend him, or vote for him.

I thought his judgement of the case was fair, but he made a personal judgement that was not based on the incident because he didn't allow information to be presented.

I get that he's a busy person, so am I and likely other people required to go before him. He's paid to listen to both sides. Hopefully he'll improve with additional experience on both personal and professional levels.