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Member Benefits

Join KABC, and receive two free Consumer Information Reports!

Benefits of membership in KABC include:

* Free KABC newsletters for one full year
* Two free Consumer Information Reports


Probably not. We cannot predict, for certain, whether we'll be here tomorrow, for another week, or for many years.

We work hard and raise our families. We watch our parents grow older. We see them become frail, sometimes very ill, and we try to help when possible. They want to stay at home, but is that really a safe choice? Will we be in a similar situation in a few short years?

Kansas Advocates is here to help when it comes time to make a life-altering decision about care, for you or for your family members. However, to continue to help YOU we need YOUR help, too.

Since 1975, KABC has been available to answer questions about long-term care settings. We assist hundreds of people just like you every year.

No one wants to think about living anywhere except their own home. Making a placement decision for a loved one is heart-wrenching. Our job is to help you be more aware of all your choices. KABC offers summarized and detailed reports about every licensed care home in Kansas to help with your decision. We provide guidance if things go wrong in a nursing home. We offer training to non-professional caregivers if they choose to care for a family member at home.

Kansas Advocates for Better Care is a 501(c) (3) non-profit. We receive no state or federal funding for our operations. We depend entirely on our members, contributors, and project grants to keep our doors open. We will be here for another 30 years to provide YOU with the same support system.

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