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Medissage - Kamehameha Massage LLC

Rating: 5

Kelly Cline Medissage - Kamehameha Massage LLC

Have only used Catherine and she is awesome! Her husband is also a masseuse and he's probably just as good. Her hands are very strong and for her small size she has great strength. She also used hot stones on my neck and back. Their rates are extremely reasonable, first timers $34.50! You can't go wrong at that price. Give her a try, you won't be sorry!

Rating: 5

sandersen Medissage - Kamehameha Massage LLC

This is a FABULOUS masseuse! I have been to a number of facilities for massage,(as I find it helpful for managing pain and stress), and this was a wonderful experience, as well as being affordable. One caveat, she has extremely strong hands form working in a physical therapy environment, so make sure to communicate if you are uncomfortable with the level of pressure.