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Visit website 1216 E 23rd St., Lawrence, KS 66046 Open today until 8 p.m.

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  • Phone: 978-566-9522

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Rating: 5

MigrantFromNebraska Juice-E-Vapes

I recently relocated from Nebraska and tried a couple of local e juice stores but this one is by far the best. Always open during posted hours, Very knowledgeable staff. Very clean and tasty e juice. Very fair pricing. Friendly and social. Top marks on everything that I look for in a vape store. Beetle juice is my favorite, very fruity and yummy. One day I forgot to charge my Aspire battery and dropped in hoping to buy an E-Leaf. Unfortunately they were sold out of those but Jason hooked me up with a super good deal on a mech mod with a battery and charger. He even installed the battery and made sure the unit worked. He is a life saver, if I had not been able to get something that day I probably would have bought a pack of cigarettes. After 30 years of smoking, a heart attack and double bypass surgery that is the last thing that I want to do. I have been smoke free for 2 years now and Jason helped me stay that way.

Rating: 5

YouPeopleAreCrazy Juice-E-Vapes

Best vape store in town with the best prices. Jason, the owner, was very knowledgeable about my needs and helped me pick out the right vape for me. The e juice is outstanding there and I highly recommend both the BDT and the Unicorn Juice.