Johnny's Tavern

401 N 2nd St, just 'cross the bridge, Lawrence, KS 66044


Open today until 2 a.m.

Don't let the Harleys out front fool you - Johnny's is no back-alley biker's bar. This five-decade-old north Lawrence institution is just as likely to attract post-wedding parties as post-softball parties; come as you are or dress to impress. Johnny's grills up some the biggest and most creative burgers in town - toppings include everything from fried eggs to onion rings to Chipotle cream cheese - and taps into a diverse palette of domestics, imports and microbrews (favorites include Fat Tire, Boulevard and 1554). Though Johnny's has no shortage of colorful happenings, the real craziness happens upstairs at The Up & Under, which is available for private parties.

Pizzas served late (after kitchen hours) on weekends. Breakfast served on Saturdays.