Jayhawk Model Masters

990 N 1200 RD , Clubhouse @ 305 West 23rd, Lawrence, KS 66047


Gee Bee Y at the club house

The purpose the Jayhawk Model Masters is to develop and stimulate the building and operating of radio control model airplanes. It shall further be our purpose to gain the regard of our community as being an educational organization.

The Jayhawk Model Masters have been located in Lawrence, KS., for over 30 years. Our flying field is just below Clinton Lake Dam. The field features two major grass runways, a shelter house, bleachers, adequate parking and a storage facility. Anyone who is insured with the AMA is allowed to fly there, although joining our club brings great benefit.

Our monthly breakfast meetings are held in our own clubhouse, located at 305 W. 23rd Street in Lawrence. Our meeting time is 8:00 A.M. every third Saturday of the month. Thursday evenings are reserved as a building night in the clubhouse basement. It is fully equipped with building tools and tables.

The members of our club enjoy the camaraderie that has developed through the years. A monthly flying time and cookout are scheduled the Tuesday evening following our meeting date during spring and summer months. During the winter we hold a Model Talk dinner evening in member's homes.

We hold three major annual events each year. They are the Jayhawk Open Event in May, the Jayhawk Float Fly in June and the Jayhawk Big-Bird in September. We encourage other clubs in the midwest to participate in these events.

We participate as a club in a major Northeast Kansas swap meet every January as well as demonstrate flying for area clubs and events. In recent years, we have also entered floats in the St. Patrick's Day Parade.

We have instructors who are eager to teach you to fly. We welcome you to enjoy with us the exciting hobby of radio controlled model aviation.