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1853 E 1450 Rd, Lawrence, KS 66044 Opens Monday at 8 a.m.

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Rating: 1

ricia79 Heetco Inc

This company is a joke. Buy elsewhere!! Our gauge on our tank said we had 100 gallons of propane. For the second time this year, we are out of propane. The last time this happened, I was reprimanded by the office staff because the tank was empty. I was told I didn't bang on my tank hard enough for the gauge to read correctly. After shelling out $95 for a new pressure test, even though our gauge read above zero, they filled our order. When I called in and told them there was the same problem and scheduled another $95 pressure test, the delivery driver informed me, over voicemail, that he refused to delivery their minimum amount because he had a larger tank installed two years ago, at our expense, so he didn't waste his time with little orders. He told me he'd be up sometime to repossess our tank. This is after being without hot water for THREE DAYS waiting on him to deliver!! And what's worse, he's taking our tank and the propane left in the tank. They claim it must be empty, which means they either charged us for propane they didn't deliver the last time, as we have watched the gauge closely and it has declined steadily to the 100 gallon mark where it sits, or our hot water heater has used over 250 gallons of propane in four months. Shop somewhere else. The company is a rip off and more hassle than anyone should have to deal with.

Rating: 5

John Hamm Heetco Inc

Helpful employees - office and staff. Convenient delivery days and times or fill at location.

Rating: 5

ecm5119 Heetco Inc

We've used this company for a couple of years now and have been very happy with their service. They provide an option to pre-pay to lock in on the current propane price and they will even let you pay in installments over 4 months if that works better for you.