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Fat Freddy's Pizza and Wings

Rating: 2

Biek Fat Freddy's Pizza and Wings

Every time I have got food from here it was extremely greasy and messy. The wings are below average tasting and quality. The wing sauce tastes fine the wing quality just isn't what I am used to. Hell Pizza hut and dominos have better wings as does bww. Once I placed an order around 10pm on a friday or saturday, online mind you, and they never sent my order. I had even paid with a credit card. I had to call the next day just to ask them about my order and why it was never made. Showed them proof of my order and they sent it out that afternoon (only 12 hours late!) Not sure how that could even happen. Didn't see the order print out of the machine? That's the only thing I can think of. Needless to say I haven't ordered from them since.

Rating: 1

Amanda Rose Fat Freddy's Pizza and Wings

Horrible pizza! Will never order there again. I waste of $14. Got home and the bottom of the pizza was caked in grease and dipping out of the box.

Rating: 1

desiree017 Fat Freddy's Pizza and Wings

I have never ordered from Fat Freddys and was going to until i read this page... now i know not every order is going to be bad and there are some good reviews. a few negative reviews would not be enough for me not to order from a restaurant....however, Fred's comments to his customers is what makes me not want to every order from there. incredibly rude! as a local business owner i can not ever imagine talking to a customer that way - whether you thought they were right or wrong. you just dont treat people that way.

the comment that kills me is when he said " Why are you publicly trying to ruin my business?" to a person who was plainly giving a review of the "bad" food they got. its a free country and anyone is entitle to leave a review - good or bad. doesnt mean they are trying to ruin your life.

Rating: 1

Supertoaster Fat Freddy's Pizza and Wings

Last week, I would have given Fat Freddy's a glowing review. However my experience a few days ago has completely changed my view of this restaurant that I am accustomed to ordering from at least once a week. I ordered online for the first time, and since I live in Meadowbrook, the online system told me to enter my nearest intersection instead of my address, as it could not locate me. This is a common problem for Meadowbrook residents, even when I call the restaurant instead of ordering online. I figured Freddy's would call me and verify my location, like they have to do every time I order (which is no problem for me, I understand I chose to live in a place that seems to be invisible to mapquest, googlemaps, and any other address verification system).
After forty-five minutes, I had not received my cheesy fries, so I called up to the store to make sure that they had received my order. They told me they had my order, and the driver was leaving now. I said thank you, hung up, and another forty five minutes passed. I called up to the store again, politely asked if I could get a refund, as it was now an hour and a half of waiting, and I was sure my fries were now cold. I received Fred on the phone, who proceeded to scream at me, tell me I could not work a computer, I gave him the incorrect address, and that it was not his fault. He wouldn't even let me talk to him, and when I asked if he could stop interrupting me, he hung up. I called back to the store again, asked for Fred again, and tried to ask why he didn't give me a call to verify my address. He said it was standard procedure to call, and when I told him I hadn't yet received a phone call, he told me he was cancelling my order and hung up on me yet again. At this point, I decided to speak to him in person since he would not talk to me over the phone, or give me food, or my money back. When I arrived at the store, the man at the front told me his manager had left and would not be back.
I finally got them to make my food since I was already at the store. I took my fries and left, but I'm sorry, Fred, you've permanently lost my business for your ridiculously unprofessional actions. What I find interesting, is that on this page, Fred has responded to some people asking why they never called the store to allow him to fix their order. Having done this, and having been verbally abused, I now see that Fred is clearly a liar and a terrible business manager. Order at your own risk, he will ruin your night, tell you that you are stupid, that nothing is his fault, and not face any additional questions you may have. I used to be in love with you Fred, but now we are breaking up.

EDIT: After reading additional comments, I realized that Fred used to run Gumby's too. I used to order from Gumby's religiously as well until the manager screamed in my face that my coupon did not exist, ripped it up, and threw it in my face. I can only assume Fred is this person.

Rating: 5

DrRobotnik Fat Freddy's Pizza and Wings

Has anyone else noticed that Lawrence has an unfairly negative bias toward any business on review websites? Yelp is full of misinformation and ignorant slamming of great eateries too. This is my favorite pizza place in the Kansas City area. D'Bronx on 39th in KC has some pretty great pizza, but the standards they offer do little to push the envelope. Freddy's mexican pizza comes with sour cream, delicious pico de gallo, romaine lettuce (none of that iceberg BS) and fresh tomatoes. I'm not sure where they get their tomatoes, but the tomato's I got with my mexican pizza were way better than the organic tomatoes I buy at Hyvee. This is clearly NOT a pizza place that cuts corners. Internet trolls be damned.

Rating: 3

aishahhils Fat Freddy's Pizza and Wings

i moved to lawrence about five or six months ago and i order from fat freddy's at least once a week. it used to be amazing and it's still the only place i'll order delivery from. the people who work there are very courteous and the food usually arrives within an hour. however, in the last couple of months the quality of the food has just gone down the drain - lots of cold, rubbery sandwiches, missing items, and soggy appetizers. they still have the best pizza in town but the main reason i love them is because of the variety of their menu and almost everything else on the menu has been sucking lately! please bring back the hot, tasty deliciousness fat freddy's is known for.

slvrntrt replies...

Yeah, I got some nasty food that was all wrong the last time I ordered too. The guy who answered the phone was wasted. :-/

FatFreddy replies...

Why don't you call me and talk to me? I'm almost always at the store. Or you could post your comment on FaceBook. I check that daily. I'm tired of checking this epically awful slow moving blog which only seems to generate negative comments. Fat Freddy's is here to stay. Sales are up over 55% from last year. I challenge any business in Lawrence to beat that kind of growth. But with growth comes growing pains...i.e. late deliveries, and cold food. I can't predict the future, not yet, but when I can, you will start receiving your deliveries before you get hungry. I'm also working on a teleportation device to save labor cost on delivery drivers and decrease delivery times. Please stop flaming me. I'm just a guy trying to make a living.

impaul4 replies...

Are you crapping me Fred? You have been Fat Freddy's for a couple years, of course sales are up a ridiculous amount. You're new you went from $0- now. For a "business owner" your logic is terrible. And when a company grows the service gets worse and the food also? Are you f&$%ing stupid? I challenge you to stay in business past the end of this year. Bet you won't make it.

FatFreddy replies...

Challenge accepted! Now let's set some terms. If somehow I manage to stay in business until the end of this year December 31st, 2012, you will intern for me for 6 months for free. After that time is up, you will then retract your statement, make a public apology, stand on Mass, in February, with no pants, holding a sign that says, "Fat Freddy was right. It's hard to predict the future." If I lose...well then I will have squandered the best opportunity that has or will ever come my way.

I will check back on this "Hater's Blog" in a few months.

Peace and Chicken Grease,


impaul4 replies...

You've raised the prices twice in the last 9 months and you started charging for delivery. Tell me again how awesome your business is going?

Rating: 5

Betterthanyoupizza824 Fat Freddy's Pizza and Wings

I love Fat Freddys Pizza! I give props to Fred for building a company out of the ashes that was Gumbys pizza.. They have great food and friendly employees. I think this place is gonna be a staple of Lawrence someday.

Rating: 3

slvrntrt Fat Freddy's Pizza and Wings

Super awesome pizzas and cheese sticks! The wings were pretty tasty too.

Rating: 2

kippers Fat Freddy's Pizza and Wings

Really disappointed. My food arrived about an hour and a half after I ordered it. All of the boxes were obviously smashed tightly into something, which was confusing because two of them were in a plastic bag to the side. The curly fries had obviously been packed and then sat in a car for probably 45 minutes, were cold, chewy and wet from the cooked condensation. The wings were fine, disappointed in the quality, but they were cheap and the sauce masked all gross things. The pizza, lets talk about that. I ordered cream cheese as a topping, expecting cream cheese spread over the pizza in a uniform general manner. Nope. I received about 3 huge globs of cream cheese on a pizza. Topped off with more cheese. So some one really made the conscious decision that that was a good idea. The pizza arrived, and half of the pizza had slid down and folded on top of its self, so that was gross. The cream cheese did allow its self to spread out more evenly that way. All in all, it was a pretty tragic experience. We were ready to eat delicious hot, fresh food, and instead received a box of ok pizza, poorly topped, and cold ruined fries. Not worth the money I spent.

FatFreddy replies...

I could handle this comment several different ways. I could take the high road and ignore it. I could take the low road and apologize for everything. Or I could analyze and dismember it for the true rotten trash that it is. I will do none of those things. But I will ask you two questions, and then I will make a statement.

1. If you had a bad experience at my restaurant, why didn't you call me and let me correct it?
2. Why are you publicly trying to ruin my business?
3. I am just a guy trying to live the American Dream. I'm 36 years old, I'm a helluva pizza guy. I've never owned a business before, but I've made other people millions of dollars through my own hard work. I worked 6 days a week in Orlando, with an average day consisting of 300 tickets, and the average ticket had 1.5 pizzas on it. I worked, and slaved, and sweated, and made pizzas 'til my fingers bled for 9 years, and saved my money. You do the math, but what I've worked out is, I'm in it for 1.2 million pizzas. I can't turn back. I'm all in. I've come back home after ten years of east coast pizza hard labor and now it's my turn to make millions. I started Fat Freddy's with nothing except Gumby's phone number and a will to succeed. I resurrected Gumby's from the grave and have turned it into a wonderful, new, fresh operation, with really awesome pizzas and fried chicken wings. I use only whole foods, beef, chicken breast, sausage...all cooked in house...onions, green peppers, mushrooms, sliced by hand daily...just to name a few. I put tons of toppings on my pizzas and all of my wing sauces are homemade, including Quinn's Crack Money, Sticky Whiskey, and Fat Freddy's Favorite (Hot, Honey, Garlic) I am frying up tons of appetizers. And I absolutely REFUSE to water down my Philly Cream Cheese and spread it, but I digress. I wasn't going to address any specifics of your comment. So this will end my statement. -Fred

Rating: 5

ToriFreak13 Fat Freddy's Pizza and Wings

lol @ uncut pizza. must be a shuttle employee! what pizza place would send out a pie without cutting it? Love their pizzas that are always cut lol. Calzones too!!!

Rating: 4

JonSimon Fat Freddy's Pizza and Wings

Haha, wow. No sauce and no cheese? I've gotten a couple pizzas there and while they're not fantastic, they've very good considering the price. Always had all the ingredients anyway.

Rating: 1

tul740 Fat Freddy's Pizza and Wings

Ordered a large pepperoni, got an uncut slab of crust with no sauce and almost no cheese on it.

Sent it back and got a new pizza, which was better, but about what you'd expect from the place that used to be Gumby's.