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Family Medicine Associate, PA

Rating: 5

drbloom Family Medicine Associate, PA

service has been wonderful. i have gotten to know employees and owners. nice when front desk knows you by name! hello to you too, Aleshia! There are ways to call after hours but i normally can do walk-in without much of a wait. nice service provided here and you won't have to worry if you are billed fairly.

Rating: 5

mmmhmmm Family Medicine Associate, PA

I have been going to Family Medicine Associates for years and have a great experience with the employees there every time I go. I recommend it to any of my friends considering a switch from their current practice.

Rating: 5

rachelind Family Medicine Associate, PA

The best doctors in Lawrence- their office is clean, organized, and the waits have always been very reasonable. Dr. Cordova is my son's pediatrician, and she's absolutely wonderful and has great bedside manner. She always makes time to come in to see us- even if we're there for the walk in clinic.

We came to Family Medicine Associates from another practice here in Lawrence, and there's no way we'll go back!

Rating: 5

timbercreeks Family Medicine Associate, PA

Awesome doctors. We see Dr Cordova but honestly I like all of the doctors and no hesitate seeing anyone else if she is not available. We love it here! Love the walk in clinic for those spur of the moment needs. Thank you Dr Cordova and others for being so wonderful!