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Cloud Services / Heat Pump Myth #2


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Heat Pump Myth #2

Many people think that Heat pumps aren't as 'warm' as gas furnaces-because the air that is circulated thru the ducts is cooler. But this actually makes the house feel more uniformly comfortable, because you don't feel the flashes of hot air, followed by that cooling down period while you wait for the furnace to kick back on.

The quality of heating from a heat pump is different from that of other heating systems.

Not in terms of the end result, which is a warm, comfortable home.

In its heating mode, the temperature of the air supplied by a heat pump is not as hot as the air supplied by a furnace. Air entering a room form a heat pump is normal about 100 degrees Fahrenheit compared to about 120 to 130 degrees F from a furnace.

Thus, a heat pump warms a room gradually and more uniformly than a furnace. It’s similar to slowly warming your bath water by turning the hot water faucet to a moderately warm setting rather than turning the faucet all the way to maximum hot, then turning it off and having water cool down.