Rating: 4

Matt Tindell Cici's Pizza

I'm giving 4 stars for what it is, not what it isn't. It's not comparable to most sit down pizza places, like Minsky's, Rudy's or even Papa Johns or Pizza Hut, those places are a step above in quality. The price is cheap! 4 of us go eat Wednesday evenings for less then $20, we don't order drinks, which are expensive. You can't expect too much for a $4.99 pizza buffet (seniors get good discounts), but in all honesty it's pretty good. It's normally understaffed compared to other restaurants, and the employees don't seem to be too rushed to get anything done, but I've never had a problem with anything being unclean or seen any bugs.

Rating: 1

R M Cici's Pizza

I would recommend against going here. It's kind of cheap, but you get what you pay for. The salad bar was horrible. The green peppers in the salad bar looked like they were cut with a hammer. They were just all mashed up. There were no tomatoes, cucumbers or any of the stuff you'd expect in a basic salad bar. The pizza tasted like cardboard with bland toppings on it. It was about as good as a frozen pizza. Actually, I take that back. I have had much better frozen pizzas than this.

Rating: 3

Nikki May Cici's Pizza

I'm not a huge fan of the pizza here, but order a special one not on the bar, and it's better. However, the manager is great. My son had a few friends over there for a birthday, and he was treated like a king. I love the brownies and cinnamon buns. I often also think the bathrooms should be cleaner; the rest of the place seems fine. I love the prices.

black_butterfly replies...

I am glad that you had a great experience at CiCi's. I am really glad to hear that you didn't find the place to be dirty. Maybe they have cleaned up their act. We haven't been there in a year due to the dirty plates, floor, silverware, etc. The manager is super nice so I am glad that they are putting forth effort to improve the business.

Rating: 4

Emily Campbell Cici's Pizza

You get what you pay for. I've never felt uncomfortable with the establishment or it being clean (the bathroom yes!) It is a cheap meal, and a way to "go out" when you're on a budget. The staff has always been friendly, and they're willing to make any pizza if you don’t see it out there. Awesome! Four stars only, because the "salad bar" could be better, but it's not going to stop me from eating there.

Rating: 5

bargaineater Cici's Pizza

This is the BEST Cici's I've ever been to. The food is always hot, fresh, and well presented. The staff is always so nice. Their $2.99 monday madness deal is the best. You can't find a meal this good for less. If pizza isn't all you want to eat then the salad bar is a perfect substitute. Always fresh and a great variety. THE CINNAMON ROLLS ARE DELICIOUS!!!

Rating: 2

bfood Cici's Pizza

as the other review said its not clean at all. and the food is just ok. but if you want to dine on the cheap its alright.

Rating: 1

black_butterfly Cici's Pizza

We will never eat at CiCi's again. Their dishes are not clean. Their salad bar is always messy. We saw a roach crawling across the floor the last time we were there, about a year ago. The bus boy acted like it was no big deal. Also the people that bus the tables will park that nasty cart right by your table and sling dirty plates , garbage and the cleaning rag. Once someone swept under our table while we were eating. The manager is really nice but it is a shame that the place is not cleaner.

velaseraptor replies...

Why would you leave a review for a place you've not dined in for a year?