Rating: 5

true_patriot BKB Leather

I've been a customer here since when it was by Johnny's and Gaslight at the river. Bruce and his crew perform an old-school and vital function - one of the few places you can take non-mechanical stuff to be fixed, tweaked, modified, restored, cleaned up, custom-made, etc. Jackets, coats, belts, boots, shoes, purses, bags, cowboy hats re-shaped, etc.

They seem to get noticed more when the economy is down and people would rather keep something they're familiar with and pay to have a new strap put on it or a new zipper installed rather than throw it away and buy something that isn't quite what they want. They are local, competent, and plenty of personality at this place, with banjos and dobros hanging on the walls and ancient industrial sewing machines from a century ago.