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Botox Cosmetic

BOTOX® Cosmetic is an effective, nonsurgical, physician-administered, office treatment that dramatically reduces the wrinkles between the brows, on the forehead, and in the crows feet area around the eyes. Botox is also an effective treatment for reducing excessive sweating under the arms or the hands. Dr. Bittenbender has been doing Botox treatments since 1996.

Botox eliminates the basic cause of the wrinkle which is muscle contraction. Using a very fine gauge needle small amounts of Botox are injected into the muscle that when contracted cause the wrinkle. Within a few days the muscle can no longer contract and hence the wrinkle can not form. There is no change in sensation in the treated area only an elimination of the wrinkle. There is no "down time" following a treatment. Patients can wear makeup and go about normal activities. The average duration of effect of a Botox treatment is three to four months. The cost of treatment depends on how much Botox is used.

As is the case with all cosmetic procedures, Dr. Bittenbender personally does the treatment.