Jonathan C Becker, Attorney 785-842-0900

3120 Mesa Way , Lawrence, KS 66049 Opens today at 9 a.m.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5 3 ratings. 3 user reviews. 3 reviews

Price Range: $1800-$15000

  • American Express


Price Range: $1800-$15000

  • American Express

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Business affiliations

  • Douglas County Bar Association
  • Kansas Bar Association
  • Judge Hugh Means American Inn of Court
  • Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association, Legal Services Plan
  • Max Gardner's Bankruptcy Boot Camp Graduate
  • National Association of Consumer Bankruptcy Attorneys


  • 1988 J.D., University of Kansas Post-Graduate
  • 1973 B.A. Kalamazoo College Graduate


  • Bankruptcy
  • Litigation (Real Estate)
  • Real Estate
  • Taxation


Rating: 5

spck07 Jonathan C Becker, Attorney

I was given his name by a friend of mine and I have to say he has done nothing but give me excellent service. I believe he is fair and tells you like it is. He is a great guy and a damn good attorney. If anyone needs a good attorney I would definitely recommend him anytime.

Rating: 5

hdrider Jonathan C Becker, Attorney

I don't know why this person had a bad experience with him. The phrase "insinutated that I don't have enough money to pay his fees" probably means "I don't want to pay for legal services." I have been a client of his for years, and have never had anything but excellent service and great results. Unlike a lot of lawyers, he doesn't blow smoke up your rear end. Apparently, this person didn't get the answer he/she wanted, and blamed the messenger. Mr. Becker has sometimes had to tell me that the chances of getting what I wanted weren't good, and I would be wasting my money if I pursued it. I appreciate that kind of honesty, as opposed to somebody who will tell me what I want to hear long enough for me to write them a check, and then develop amnesia. BTW I only gave him 5 stars, but that's because the system wouldn't let me give him any more.

Rating: 1

acg Jonathan C Becker, Attorney

This guy is a real piece of work. I called him to make an appointment and before I could even set a time to meet with him, he insinuated that I don't have enough money to pay his fees. He was rude, snippy and basically acted like he didn't want my business at all. As far as I'm concerned he won't get my business and he shouldn't get any of yours, either. BTW I only gave him 1 star, but that's because the system wouldn't let me give him zero stars.