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Automotive Machine & Performance

Rating: 5

95HPrelude Automotive Machine & Performance

Very friendly, Honest, Very knowledgeable, Quick turn-around, Accurate low estimates

The guys over at Automotive Machine and Performance are absolutely awesome! I've lived in Lawrence for one year now and during my projects with my car I've had then drill and tap an intake manifold with precision shelves for the screws for an airtight seal; did an awesome job. No air leaks, seals tight. I also had them put together my flywheel and balance my flywheel/pp assembly. I'm always on a tight schedule with my car projects, and Automotive Machine and Performance has always delivered for my schedule demands at no additional cost. Had them press out some parts out of a lower control arm in a pinch and it was quick and cheap! Very honest guys down at Automotive Machine and Performance. My new go-to machinists in Lawrence.

Rating: 5

n2audio Automotive Machine & Performance

I've worked with these guys twice. They will always be my first call for machining services. They know their stuff, and if something is outside their area of expertise they will let you know up front. Prices have been lower than I expect.

Rating: 5

John Hamm Automotive Machine & Performance

Knowledgeable and very helpful.