Auntie Em's Deli 785-832-1333

Visit website 2311 Wakarusa Drive, Ste D, Lawrence, KS 66047 Opens Tuesday at 10 a.m.

Rating: 4 out of 5 4 ratings. 4 user reviews. 4 reviews


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  • Phone: 785-832-1333

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Rating: 5

Emily Campbell Auntie Em's Deli

If you love yourself a sandwich this is the place for you. Aunti Em’s is so amazing family from out of town (hours away!) will drive in just for Auntie Em’s (but no comment from them as to why they didn’t stop in and say hi to us! :) … If you haven’t been here go! They usually have different sides or options depending on the time of the year, and they stock Troyer brand meats and cheeses and Amish Wedding brand jars of goodies and so much more. Why are you still reading this? Get going!

Rating: 5

Formydaughter Auntie Em's Deli

This place is amazing, it's just down the street from my work so I am there at least twice a week. They have twice the meat and cheese as subway and all their soups are homemade. You can even buy a pound of meat or cheese, a true deli. So to you insearchofuniqueid give this little deli a break! They are family owned NO franchise and the only sandwich I remember with relish is the kids hotdog! It's these type comments with only one try to a place is what kills small businesses. We love you Auntie Em's if I could post a pic of your sandwiches I would!!

Rating: 1

insearchofauniqueid Auntie Em's Deli

The prices are much to high for deli sandwiches. My sandwich was all bread and to much relish. Where's the beef?!

Rating: 5

whats_going_on Auntie Em's Deli

Delicious! A little on the pricey side but DEFINITELY worth it. Deli sandwich was amazing, as was potato salad and cinnamon roll. Will definitely be back!!