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Visit website 840 Massachusetts St, Lawrence, KS 66044 Opens today at 12 p.m.

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Rating: 1

jayhawk_alumnus Antique Bazaar II Inc

The propietor is either a very unhappy man or he is the most rude business man I have ever met. I was prepared to purchase 3 items totaling $120. I was shown each by an elderly lady (may have been his mother?) and inquired about whether price was the firm. She said usually they are priced at what the seller wants. She showed me a diecast model car that was purportedly an antique and was priced at $20. I noted it was made in China, was modern, and was missing the top. I knew the car was probably worth $5, but I never made an offer and instead commented that I wanted to look at the other two items and perhaps make an offer. She put away the car and pulled out the next item. It was quite nice and was priced at $40. I told her it was quite nice and that I was interested but would like to look at the third item of interest. It was a small toy cannon that was also nice. However it was priced at $60 (I could not see the price until it was removed from the case) and as the owner of hundreds of toy cannon, I commented discretely that it was higher than I expected and did not want to make an offensive offer. I said that about $40 was all I could pay for it but I was interested in the other items. The proprietor, who was standing behind the counter got loud and told her to put the items away and shouted for me to get the hell out of his store "NOW." He could have politely said that all prices are firm and that they make every effort to price fairly. That would have been the polite thing to say and I would have understood. In my almost 7 decades of living I have never had anyone talk to me the way he did and was amazed that he was a retailer. I will of course never go back, hope others will avoid the store, and kind of wish that he will fail. Although I know he will probably stay in business, I also know that he could be far more successful with some diplomacy. I advise you to avoid this store at all costs. The guy does not deserve your business.