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“I’m a car dealer who is feeling blue.

I have too many cars and don’t know what to do.

If you’re willing to put down a dollar or two.

My misfortune can be a bonus for you!”

Hey, Lonnie Blackburn here from Academy Cars. I’m goin’ Looney!

Last month I took in too many trades and now I’ve got cars in spades! Plus, additional cars are being delivered daily. I have no idea where to put them and I need your help!

That means 22 cars must go THIS WEEK!

So if you’ve got the desire to drive a nicer, newer car and two bucks, you’re in LUCK!

Drive a 2011 Toyota Camry for just $197 per month.

It’s My New Year, Blue Year, Drive For Two Here Sale!

Bad Credit? Don’t sweat it! My “For The People® Credit Approval Process” can help you drive away today, even if it takes some rhyming & reasoning with the banks to get it done.

My lot is full and that’s no bull!

$2 down is all you’ll pay to drive a nicer, newer car today.

I’m Lonnie Blackburn and I’m a Dealer FOR the People.