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Rating: 5

Ivo Ivanov A-Team Home Improvement, LLC

This is only the second Lawrence company, that makes me regret the absence of a ten star ranking system on Marketplace. I can not say enough about the professionalism, efficiency and attention to detail that A-Team displayed while dealing with severe squirrel damage to our roof, walls and soffits. In fact, I can safely say that A-Team, LLC is among the top 5 businesses I've ever dealt with on any level and in any field! As severe weather approached, we were seriously worried: large chunks of our soffits were completely gone, the gutters were hanging from the roof, and a menacing combination of moisture, frigid air and a dray of demonic squirrels was rushing undisturbed through our attic. The situation was dire. Furthermore, the dreaded polar vortex was around the corner, endangering the very structural integrity of our home. Enter Alan and his own vortex of incredible workers! I have rarely seen someone tackle a job with such intensity, professionalism, and exuberance. The crew showed up 2 days before Christmas, build a large, intricate scaffolding so they can reach the dangerously high roof and worked almost non-stop for 30 hours in ridiculous 15 degree weather. The job also included some very complicated carpentry, custom manufacturing and painting that were done swiftly and with stunning expertise! Finally, the price for this challenging, urgent, and frankly dangerous project was beyond reasonable. Now, thanks to Alan and A-team we have a warm house, great roof and a bunch of frustrated squirrels that have finally gone back to their tree nests. A-Team! What a great business we have right here in Lawrence! There is nothing I can say to thank them enough for braving the elements and saving my home! If you thought the A-Team from the television show was tough wait until you see these guys!