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Rating: 5

gwendoline 715

Excellent food, excellent service! A Lawrence winner!

Rating: 5

WMDunn 715

I have only been here once, on a date with my wife (one of those precious few we get as parents). It was a great experience, and we expect to return for our anniversary next weekend. It is the closest experience to an evening out in New York City as we've gotten since we left there, and I can offer no higher compliment than that. Terrific food, (not exceptional, but) alright service, and the best atmosphere in town. Kudos to the management and the team there.

Rating: 5

motoadventure 715

After a disappointing anniversary dinner at a much-lauded downtown joint, my wife has decided 715 is our go-to restaurant for special dinners. Though any restaurant can have an off day, our food and service at 715 have been consistently good and more often than not it's been great.

The next time you're out on a weekend looking for breakfast/brunch, give 715 a try. Other places will have a wait time or no tables free, 715 has yet to be full to capacity. If only those people waiting 45 minutes for a table knew the quality of food they could get just down the street for similar money. Ok, a couple bucks more, but they're two dollars well-spent.

Lastly, I'm not much of a meat-eater nowadays, let alone fried meat, but their chicken-fried pork steak is incredible. Quality cuts cooked correctly are the reason I could never go vegetarian, and I have yet to be disappointed here.

And don't forget a squeezed-to-order OJ!

Rating: 2

rumyz 715

After all the good reviews, my husband and I chose this restaurant to celebrate our wedding anniversary. It was a big event for us, as we have a baby and cherish any time we can get out of the house! However, perhaps our expectations were too high...because we did not enjoy ourselves :-( We ordered a sampling of 3 cheeses for an app. and before we had even finished tasting our 1st selection I saw that our entrees were up under the warmer. The waiter proceeded to hurry us through eating the cheese, at one point even saying "oh, just a few bites left"! He explained they were fast in the kitchen, but perhaps I've just watched too much Top Chef to expect a eatery of this caliber to know how to space courses. I even resorted to explaining to the waiter it was our anniversary and we have a baby so were looking to have a leisurely dinner...he said "dessert can be nice and slow". Anyway, my husband ordered the braised pork ribs (Tue. special) and I got the sausage/squash penne. Although mine was ok, at least edible but not a favorite, his meat was disgusting. This is a man who loves pork, who has been eating ham every day since Easter, and he described it as shoe leather. He even tried to resort to picking it up to eat it, after both the butter knife and steak knife wouldn't do. Still no luck. Braised? How about dehydrated??? The waiter didn't even blink when he took the nearly full plate away, never asking if we'd enjoyed our meal or if there was a problem. Any other time we'd probably have complained but wanted to just try and enjoy the romance of the evening, even if my husband paid $$ to cram in some cheese and a side of fried potatoes! Didn't bother to try dessert, just got some ice cream down the block that we knew wouldn't disappoint.

Not sure we'd be willing to give it another chance, both our time and money is too valuable these days.

Business reply Matt Hyde replies...

First of all I would like thank you for taking the time to comment about your lousy experience. Most importantly, though, I want to sincerely apologize for letting you down. You chose to spend a special and rare night out with us and we blew it. While we always strive to be attentive and thoughtful in our service of guests, clearly we have some real room for improvement and I want you to know that your feedback has been a big topic for all of us since I first read it this morning. I know firsthand how rare the dates are after kids come along and have had some disappointing experiences not unlike what you described. We should have been more considerate and intuitive-we weren't-and we should have prepared outstanding and memorable food for you to thoroughly enjoy-we didn't. On behalf of the entire staff I extend my apologies and would love to host you again-my treat-should you choose to come back. Please call or email me me anytime and thanks again for taking the time to share your experience.
Matt Hyde
cell: 785-550-2521
restaurant: 785-856-7150
email: matthyde@715mass.com

Rating: 5

TracyFischer 715

I love coming to 715 for the $7.15 lunch special. The portion sizes are perfect. I have found myself dreaming about the ham and cheese panini. Absolutely amazing! The service has always been fantastic and friendly. And I love knowing where all of the ingredients are coming from and supporting small farms.

Rating: 4

walter_sobchak 715

Quite possibly the best restaurant in town. Both food and service are top notch. Two gripes: the wine list and the lack of elbow room at some tables.

Business reply Matt Hyde replies...

Thanks for the kind words Walter! Re your gripes...I'll give you the lack of elbow room-it IS crowded in most places, though there are a few spots with more space and we'd be happy to find a spot like that for you next time. As far as the wine list goes...with nearly 100 by the bottle options from $20 to $100 I'm not sure what you're looking for! We have added many choices as a result of guest suggestions and would love to hear yours as well. Email me anytime with your thoughts: matthyde@715mass.com or call me 550-2521.
Thanks for your feedback,
Matt Hyde

Rating: 3

christopherhess 715

I came in based on a recommendation but not sure I can do the same. The back door was open creating a frigid environment for patrons. We were told it was needed for the smoke--shouldn't there be inherent ventilation for that issue? I can understand small (but exquiste) meal size portions, but if my drink was more than 2 ounces in volume I'd be shocked. Would really enjoy the prospect of having a mixed drink of both quality and volume, not one to the exclusion of the other. Finally, could there be a little more spacing between patrons, please?

Service was good with friendly, helpful staff. I think I'm addressing management / ownership issues in my review.

Business reply Matt Hyde replies...

Mr. Hess,
First of all I want to thank you for trying 715 and for your feedback. You are very correct about the ventilation, it's been a problem that we are addressing and should have totally remedied in the near future. You should be able to dine indoors comfortably! I apologize for the cold climate. A few people have brought up the cocktail quantity concern that you mention and I appreciate your thoughts on that. As far as the spacing between tables...there are several tables in the restaurant not as crowded as others and we'd be happy to seat you at one of those should you choose to come in again which we hope you will. For every few seats we remove the higher the prices need to be and we are determined to stay competitive with our pricing. So glad to hear the staff was friendly and I truly hope you give us another try in the future. Please feel free to call me directly if you'd like to discuss anything further. Again, I truly appreciate your feedback.
Matt Hyde 550-2521

Rating: 5

Jessica Schilling 715

I had dinner at 715 one of the first times I visited Lawrence - now that I live here, it's still a favorite. Their $7.15 lunch is a happy, decadent escape from the rest of a weekday, and it's a great date night destination - tasty, interesting, conversation-worthy but not pretentious. Win all 'round.

Rating: 5

Dave Greenbaum 715

This place is a rare find not just in Lawrence, but the entire region. When I tell my foodie friends I live in Lawrence, they ask about 715. Despite it's small size, it's reputation could fill Allen Fieldhouse.

Although I'm primarily a vegetarian, I'm comfortable eating the chicken here because the source of their food is right there up on the chalkboard. The fact I can actually go out to the farm and meet the farmer who raised my food is one reason why 715 is so respected--it's a localvore mecca (or would that be Vatican city?).

If you don't try their 715 lunch special, face palm yourself now. It's probably the best deal in Lawrence. A satisfying soup and pizza meal for about the price of some buffet down the street.

Seriously, try the pizza. An oval disk of pure heaven. Thin, crispy and oh so yummy.

Seating is cozy an the place can get noisy when it's busy, but some people like that highly-energy atmosphere. Go there on the weekends for a early brunch and sip a handmade bloody mary for a unique experience.

Rating: 5

Shannon Ikerd 715

I really love going to 715 for lunch, especially now that I work downtown. The $7.15 lunch special makes it a very good lunch for a reasonable price. That was my normal lunch, until one day I ventured out and tried the steak salad one lunch. OMG! It was perfect. I have ordered steak as an entree that wasn't prepared that well, and it was so tender that I didn't even need the knife that the waitress offered. And, it was just the right amount, so I was satisfied with my lunch, but not so full that I just wanted to nap afterward. They put a lot of thought into the whole experience there, and it shows. It's a great place to eat.

Rating: 5

LarryNative 715

I have been to 715 over 20 times. The food has progressed over time and the last 5 meals I have eaten at 715 have been very good. 715 is the best restaurant in Lawrence right now. The pricing is good, the cocktails are the most inspired in Lawrence, the wine list is has bargains if you know much about wine and the food is now hitting the mark. My only complaint at times is the food is under seasoned for Americans. If I'm in Florence, it is seasoned properly but I am in Lawrence, Ks. Food needs salt. The decor is amazing. Once inside, you feel like you could be in a New York restaurant. The service has been outstanding on all of my visits. Keep it up guys and somehow let the public know what exactly you guys are doing at 715. I don't believe the public realizes what Michael is doing in the kitchen and it is quite amazing.

Business reply Matt Hyde replies...

Thanks so very much for your kind words. Glad to have your input about seasoning. I think my biggest complaint with most restaurant food is that it is too salty, but I realize there is a middleground for sure. We really appreciate your support!
Matt Hyde

Jonathan Kealing replies...

For what it's worth, I vote for not adding more salt. Too often I encounter food in local restaurants that has too much salt. It doesn't taste good and it's really not super healthy, either.

black_butterfly replies...

I have never eaten at 715 but I've noticed that Matt has responded to all reviews good or otherwise. To me that says a lot about his service. This prooves that he cares what the consumer thinks and cares about his reputation. Most managers don't even care if they have a complaint or as I've seen in other posts, try to blame the customer. Since two of our favorite eating establishments have closed (Gambino's and Old Chicago) we may be checking 715 out very soon! Best wishes for continued success Matt! BTW Larry... more seasoning doesn't necessairly mean more salt. Natural seasonings do wonders and don't add more sodium... garlic, cilantro, etc. I can't have much salt so I agree with Jonathan, please no heavy salt!

Rating: 4

hail2oldku 715

Came in for lunch with some co-workers today. We were all quite impressed. Great attention and knowledge by the staff. Very good food. I ordered one of the pizzas, and all I can say is wow. Excellent crust, maybe a little too heavy on the sauce since it soaked the center of the pie, but very good flavor. I will definitely be back.

Business reply Matt Hyde replies...

Glad you liked it! Thanks for giving us a try and getting us your feedback. Look forward to you coming back.
Matt Hyde

Rating: 5

Lori White 715

This is one of my favorite restaurants, especially for dinner. The pasta is all made in-house and most of their food is local. My favorite dinner last winter was the chestnut ravioli, I was so sad when it went out of season! Their vegetable sides would make anyone into a veggie lover and the sipping chocolate is about the most indulgent thing on the planet! I love the kitchen seating, you can watch your meal being cooked and interact with the kitchen, all the staff is always wonderful and friendly!

Business reply Matt Hyde replies...

So glad you enjoy 715. The cooks love it when people sit at the counter! Thanks for your patience re the seasonality of things-we can't wait for the chestnuts to return. We really appreciate your feedback.

Rating: 2

Kimberly Grosse 715

I was really looking forward to trying 715. Unfortunately when I did I received poor service and was not at all impressed with the food. Perhaps I made a poor choice from the menu (I had the cheese pizza) but the others that I dined with didn't enjoy their meals either.

Business reply Matt Hyde replies...

We appreciate the feedback and would love for you to give us another try sometime. If you're not thrilled with your experience here than we've failed. We do this work to make people happy! Please say hi the next time you're in-would love to make it up to you. Thanks, Matt Hyde 550-2521