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 STIHL Saw Chains

STIHL has the right saw chain for every application and every brand of chain saw.

Long life features of STIHL saw chain

Prestretched Chain STIHL chain is prestretched before leaving the factory. This helps eliminate excessive chain stretching during break-in periods and reduces maintenance time and component wear.

Sharpened Cutters STIHL cutters are sharpened before assembly, which decreases chances for filing debris to fall onto critical wear areas of the chain. This practice helps ensure less wear on moving parts and extends chain life.

Hardened Rivets STIHL rivets are induction hardened, enabling the rivets to withstand the high loads placed on chain and increasing the useful life of the chain.

Chromed Cutter Teeth All STIHL OILOMATIC® cutters are chromed. Chromed cutters hold their sharp edge longer and require less filing, saving time and costs.

Reamed Rivet Holes Reamed rivet holes remove any rough edges left by the stamping process. The smooth finish reduces maintenance costs.

Chamfered Rivet Holes This process removes any microscopic cracks left by the stamping process. It reduces friction, thus reducing stretching and increasing chain life.

The OILOMATIC® Chain Lubrication System Found on all STIHL saw chains, this system features a specially engineered groove which picks up oil and channels it directly to the chain rivets. This lengthens the chain life, since the rivets serve as bearings to the saw chain.

The Ematic™ Bar Lubrication System When used with the STIHL OILOMATIC® saw chain, it will provide optimal lubrication, longer wear and less oil consumption than conventional methods.

Two ramps, strategically placed in the guide bar rail, help contain the flow of oil and direct all lubrication to where it is needed. The Ematic™ system can reduce bar oil consumption up to 50%.

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