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Preceded by approximately 7 or 8 thousand years of being part of the Wakarusa wetlands, after the end of the most recent ice age. This post-pleistocene era was preceded by a number of other ice ages, going back to the glacial period some 600,000 years ago, which created the wide Wakarusa valley when glaciers reached into Kansas and then melted, flooding and expanding the size of the Wakarusa valley considerably.

Most likely the wetlands have existed ever since, with the 573 acre remnant a mere fraction of the much larger total of wetlands that used to be here, perhaps 13-17,000 acres in extent.

Now we can talk about what the facts are, free of bias, no? Perhaps a discussion of the ecological and economic value of a wetlands in terms of water purification and filtration, habitat and biodiversity creation, migratory species support, and so on? Visit http://DigitalJaywalker.net