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Jeff's Audio Video LLC

Rating: 5

Dave Greenbaum Jeff's Audio Video LLC

We’ve been a long time fan of Jeff’s Audio Video. In my line of work at computer repair, I often get asked about all things audio and video since people figure if you know one tech thing you know them all. Alas I only wish.

Jeff Huffman is a master of his craft. He understands the ins and outs of any TV, stereo and all the stuff that connects to it : speakers, DVD, players, streaming boxes, you name it). Not only does he set it up for you, but he'll consult and buy the items for you. That's really the best of both worlds. Instead of dealing with pushy salespeople who only have quotas in mind, Jeff will pick out the ideal system for you and your needs. Overall I've found you save money using Jeff because you get the right stuff the first time, not forced to buy what's in stock in the big box. You buy an AV system to enjoy it, and if you aren't enjoying it to the fullest, you've overpaid.