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Garrison Roofing

Rating: 5

James_B Garrison Roofing

Garrison Roofing is well respected in and around Lawrence because of their proven track record. John Garrison and his company have just completed the third roof I have installed on several of my homes, past and present. He has always been positive, considerate, and professional. Just as important, the work and pricing have been fantastic. This review is the real deal. I'm just a regular customer who appreciates professionalism.

Rating: 5

Mark Pickerel Garrison Roofing

I've had a great experiences with Garrison Roofing. The originally scheduled day ended up having inclement weather, and John was very proactive and worked with me on a re-schedule, luckily the very next day. They were efficient and the workmanship was good quality. After they left, I couldn't hardly tell they'd been there!

Would highly recommend.

Rating: 1

treatpeopleright Garrison Roofing

Unlike his son that sold me on hiring Garrison Roofing, John Garrison was very rude and very unprofessional. When one of his non-English speaking workers foot came through my bathroom ceiling John became upset with me and threaten to sue me for his worker foot coming through the roof. That evening a huge pile of roofing and nails was left in front of my garage, I had to move it myself. Tarps were piled on one of my flowerbeds, damaging the plants. Heavy metal edging was left laying on top of my hot tub. John hired a subcontractor to repair the bathroom ceiling and I questioned John about when the ceiling would be painted, he blew up and was in disbelief that I wanted the ceiling painted! He says to me, you have not anything nice to say about your roof, I replied, well John, I really do like the color. The overall workmanship was not of high quality and I seriously hope I never have to deal with this rude man again. Low price and BBB ratings are worthless when you have to deal with a mean person! Mean people suck!