Documents 2010

Documents for June 2010

Shawnee County Court decision on statewide smoking ban
June 30, 2010
A Shawnee County judge has ruled the statewide smoking ban cannot be applied — for now — to 28 private clubs that received their liquor licenses between Jan. 1, 2009, and today.
Downtown Parking Map
June 29, 2010
A parking map of Downtown Lawrence.
Wellness campus concept plan
June 27, 2010
Concept plan for a wellness campus at the southeastern edge of Lawrence, as envisioned by Outside for a Better Inside.
KBOR June Agenda
June 24, 2010
June agenda from the Kansas Board of Regents.
2008 KAI Form 990
June 24, 2010
Kansas Athletics Incorporated 2008 Form 990
Man can't sue diocese, judges say
June 23, 2010
A 1997 Associated Press article printed in the Wichita Eagle regarding a ruling made regarding a lawsuit concerning Robert D. Blanpied.
Gilardi sentenced to treatment, probation
June 23, 2010
A 2001 Hays Daily News article about Ron S. Gilardi.
Siblings contend they were abused at children's home
June 23, 2010
A 1996 Wichita Eagle article regarding the Albert brothers.
Diocese of Davenport, Iowa report
June 22, 2010
A report prepared by the Catholic Diocese of Davenport, Iowa, listing credible allegations of sexual abuse against priests and monks.
Salina diocese, ex-priest sued
June 22, 2010
A 1995 Wichita Eagle article regarding a lawsuit filed concerning Robert Reif.
Fact sheet on immigration measure
June 16, 2010
Fact sheet provided by city of Fremont, Neb. on proposed illegal immigration ordinance put before voters.
Proposed Fremont Immigration Ordinance
June 16, 2010
Proposed ordinance before voters in Fremont, Neb. that Kansas attorney Kris Kobach has worked on.
2010 Outdoor Downtown Sculpture Exhibition
June 9, 2010
A map and information about the sculpture featured around Downtown Lawrence this year as part of the annual exhibit.
Proposed net metering rules
June 7, 2010
Proposed net metering rules before the Kansas Corporation Commission
2nd annual Lawrence Food Garden Tour, printer-friendly map
June 5, 2010
A map of the homes on the Lawrence Food Garden Tour.