Chat about the 2006 campaign with U.S. Rep. Dennis Moore

October 11, 2006

This chat has already taken place. Read the transcript below.

U.S. Rep. Dennis Moore

<a href="">Dennis Moore</a> has been the lone Democrat in the Kansas congressional delegation since his election in 1998. He is running for re-election against <a href="">Chuck Ahner</a> and will take your questions at 1:30 p.m. Oct. 11.

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Hi folks! I'm Joel Mathis, managing editor for convergence, and I'll be moderating today. Congressman Moore is here and ready to take your questions.

U.S. Rep. Dennis Moore:

Hi everyone! Glad to be back in Lawrence. Let's talk.


Congressman Moore, I asked the same two questions of your opponent:

Would you vote for a constitutional ban on gay marriage?

Why should a mid-30's, middle class, moderate male, who is also gay vote for you over your opponenet?

Thank you!

U.S. Rep. Dennis Moore:

I voted against the proposed amendment to Constitutional amendment to ban gay marriage. I believe that this is an issue that should be left to the states and should not be the basis for amending our United States Constitution.


Congressman Moore,

I'll ask the same question I asked your opponent. If re-elected will you commit to opposing vouchers, tax credits or any other diversions of tax dollars from public schools?
Kathy Cook
Executive Director Kansas Families United for Public Education
Shawnee, Kansas

U.S. Rep. Dennis Moore:

I am absolutely opposed to vouchers and tax credits. I think the most important responsiblity of any state government is to adequately fund an opportunity for quality public education for our young people. We must invest in our public schools. It's the right thing to do for our young people and, on a selfish basis, it's the right thing to do for our future economic development.


Why did you vote for the torture bill?


Clarification, while the congressman is composing his answer: "Moderator" (in blue) is not the moderator. That's me, in the black font. I posted this question, but if the user known as "moderator" hopes to have future questions posted, he/she will have to find a new user name in order to avoid confusion. Thanks.

U.S. Rep. Dennis Moore:

I voted for the Military Commissions Act. A large number of enemy combatants have been held in captivity in Guantanamo since September 11, 2001. We need a legal system to try those detainees so that those who are guilty can be punished, those who are innocent can be freed, and our homeland can be secured.

The House bill is certainly not perfect, but it is an important step toward accomplishing that goal. This bill, which was supported by Senator John McCain, would allow the interrogation of detainees while prohibiting the use of cruel, inhumane or degrating treatment, and banning the use of evidence obtained through the use of torture.

This legislation would also bring accountability and transparency to the process and guarantee that Congress and the courts will retains their role of oversight and review.


How far is too far for the Bush executive branch to go in ignoring, re-writing, reinterpreting any written law in the US or global treaties? When will you know you need to vote against these actions?

U.S. Rep. Dennis Moore:

We have an opportunity on November 7th to restore checks and balances, which have been missing from our system for several years now.


Seniors are struggling with the new Medicare Part D prescription drug benefit. Next year there will be significant increases in the premium for a population that is largely on fixed incomes. One did you support this legislation? Two, how would fix the numerous problems with the program?

U.S. Rep. Dennis Moore:

I voted against the President's prescription drug proposal. I was concerned that this bill would not adequately address the high cost of prescription drugs for seniors. I introduced legislation shortly after this became law to allow the Secretary of Health and Human Services to negotiate with pharmaceutical companies a group discount for 43 million Medicare beneficiaries in our country. This is the same kind of authority that the Secretary of Veterans Affiars has had since 1992. The veterans I talk to are very pleased with their benefit. I don't want to hurt pharmaceutical companies. I just believe that seniors should get a discount similar to discounts negotiated by large corporations on behalf of their employees and veterans. This should not be about Democrats and Republicans - it should be about taking care of our seniors.


You're often described as being a moderate to conservative Democrat. However, the Americans for Democratic Action in 1999 named you a "Liberal Hero" for earning a "liberal quotient" (LQ) of 100%. Your average LQ during the last 7 years is 89%, while the cumulative average LQ for all Democrats in the House of Representatives during the same period is 89.9%.

Aren't you really just an average liberal Democrat?

U.S. Rep. Dennis Moore:


I look at issues and make a decision about whether to support any legislative proposal based on what I believe is right for our people and our country. I have been elected to Congress four times by the people of the Third District. I believe that has happened because the people of my district know that I am a person who will look out for the best interests of my constituents and our country.


I'm asking the same question of all Democratic candidates for the U.S. Senate or House. Sorry to be so long-winded.

Why is it that Democratic candidates refuse to respond to the catch phrase attacks by Republicans that they will cut and run? It seems to me that it is past time to defuse this attack by saying that, based on the mess the current administration has gotten us in to, there isn't even a good way out, let alone a way to cut and run. Other possible reponses would be they only say that because they cannot run on their own record or simply we've got to clean up their mess and correct their errors that have cost us billions of dollars and far too many lives. Please repond.

U.S. Rep. Dennis Moore:

I wrote a letter to the President on May 24, 2006, and told him that I thought we have accomplished militarily what we could in Iraq. I voted for the use of force resolution based upon what later proved to be flawed intelligence about the existance of weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. Unfortunately, our NATO allies had the same bad intelligence. I'm glad Sadaam Hussein is gone. He was a brutal dictator who killed thousands of people. But, we have now sacrificed more than 2,700 American lives and spent more than $300 billion.

I believe we have saved the Iraqi people from Sadaam Hussein, but we can't save the Iraqi people from the Iraqi people if they are not willing to put aside more than a century of religious and political differences and come together to support their new government.

I hope that the new government is successful, but unless they come to some political solution and are abled to resolve long held differences between the Sunnis and the Shiites, I see little chance for this to happen.

We cannot and should not try to impose a political solution. If we do, it's doomed to fail.

We need to give the new government in Iraq strong incentive to speed up the training of security forces. We should have a private - not public - discussion with the new government to develop a time frame over which we will redeploy our troops.


Hi folks- you might want to turn on the news. An aircraft has crashed into an NYC high rise.


Rep Moore,
Do you support abortion and would you consider yourself pro-life or pro-choice? Thanks!


This will be our last question.

U.S. Rep. Dennis Moore:

I support efforts to reduce the incidence of abortion, including promoting education and adoption. We must ensure that all laws regarding abortion protect the life and health of the mother, as is required by the Supreme Court.


Steve Jacob 11 years, 7 months ago

Well to be fair, has Bush cut spending?

bearded_gnome 11 years, 7 months ago

definitely voting for Ahner! can't support moore, ever. his behavior as defense lawyer was despicable, way beyond proper legal defense, as in the case of the deadly Dr. Debora Green (sp?) whom he defended by blaming one of her children she killed in her prairie village fire, which she set. that kid couldn't defend against the deadly fire or the blame.
chuck ahner is the better choice by far. represents kansas values more closely.

bearded_gnome 11 years, 7 months ago

nice seeing ol' arminius! hang in there buddy!

KsTwister 11 years, 7 months ago

Moore at least had the hard questions the moderator never asked other candidates but should have. I wonder if it is time to go back in time to when the same question is posed at the same time to both candidates for a true comparison??????

Centrist 11 years, 7 months ago

Anyone who saw the debates between Dennis Moore and Chuck Ahner could plainly see who was way, way better qualified for the job; the incumbent.

Stop voting party lines, people. Choose the best candidate FOR YOUR DISTRICT ....

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