Brownback enters race with talk of God – and Pat Roberts’ blessing

Here are today’s headlines from the Kansas congressional delegation:Sen. Sam Brownback (R) !(New York Times) Kansas Senator Announces Bid for Presidency: Declaring himself a proud conservative before a crowd of cheering supporters waving American flags, Senator Sam Brownback, Republican of Kansas, on Saturday announced his candidacy for president. Mr. Brownback, an evangelical Protestant turned Roman Catholic and a former Kansas agriculture secretary, said he would focus on reviving faith and families in America; combating abortion, poverty and wasteful government spending; opposing same-sex marriage; and revamping Social Security and the federal tax system. “The last thing we need in America is to take God out of our public lives and institutions,” Mr. Brownback said during his speech in Topeka, Kan. “We need to embrace our nation’s motto, ‘In God we trust,’ and not be ashamed of it. “To walk away from the Almighty is to embrace decline for a nation,” he said. “To embrace him leads to renewal, for individuals and for nations.” Watch Brownback’s announcement. See Brownback’s interview on ABC’s “This Week.”(Christian Broadcasting Network commentary) Excuse Me, My Name is Sam: Did you hear the big news over the weekend? Did you hear who’s running for President? Sam Brownback! Oh, wait, sorry about that. It’s Hillary Clinton, right? Hillary Clinton received page A1 exposure everywhere this weekend. But Sam Brownback announced he’s officially running for President this Saturday. His coverage was on page A8, right next to the story about budget surplusses and economic development if you know what I mean. They might as well have put Brownback’s announcement in the obituaries. That’s how much coverage he received this weekend.(AP) Sen. Roberts endorses Brownback’s presidential bid: Sam Brownback doesn’t have to worry any more about whether his presidential candidacy will be endorsed by Pat Roberts, his fellow Kansas Republican in the Senate. Roberts attended the rally Saturday in Topeka at which Brownback kicked off a long-shot bid for the Republican nomination. He also issued a statement: “Kansans have a long history of supporting their native sons as national leaders – and I am honored to stand with Sam today. He has my support and best wishes as he undertakes this historic journey in his life as a public servant.” In December, Roberts’ sympathies were in doubt after he spoke to a group of lobbyists and corporate officials in Washington. The leader of Arizona Sen. John McCain’s presidential exploratory committee said Roberts endorsed McCain.[Sam Brownback commentary in the Washington Times:][7] Americans are a life-loving people. They always have been. Whether Republicans are returned to power by the voters will in large part depend upon whether Republicans embrace a Culture of Life both philosophically and in practice. The voters are watching. I have great confidence that the leadership of our party will embrace the culture of life more consistently, and I am hopeful that they will, even from the minority, help us chart a course to find ways to get pro-life policies enacted. These are policies that are embraced by the majority of Americans. This past election was a wake-up call for pro-lifers, and the extent to which Republicans act with constancy and integrity will determine when the pro-life party of Abraham Lincoln and Ronald Reagan is returned to the majority. [4]: javascript:openPopup(‘’, ‘popup’, 800, 635, ‘status=1, resizable=1’);