Births for August 2010

Tuesday, Aug. 31
  • Chris and Kim King, Oskaloosa, a girl.
  • Kenny and Brandi Ogunnowo, a boy.
  • Pete Skulskie and Toni Schian, Lawrence, a girl.
  • Joe and Katie Faulk, Lawrence, a girl.
  • Zachary and Janelle Snyder, Lawrence, a boy.
  • Jeremy and Amanda Herman, Lawrence, a boy.
Monday, Aug. 30
  • Erin and John Bellassai, Lawrence, a boy.
  • Andrea Ortega and Spencer Smith, Lawrence, a girl.
  • Mary and Bernard Wiredu, Lawrence, a boy.
  • Jean and Paul Ackerman, Lawrence, a girl.
Sunday, Aug. 29
  • Christian and Beth Walter, Lawrence, a girl.
  • Joni and Michael Beard, Lawrence, a boy.
  • Felipe Diego and Jackeline Alcantara, Lawrence, a girl.
Saturday, Aug. 28
  • Derek and Jackie Bailey, Lawrence, a boy.
  • Luther Galloway and Melinda Baldwin, Lawrence, a boy.
Wednesday, Aug. 25
  • Jennifer Poeverlein and Russell Oldman, Lawrence, a girl.
Friday, Aug. 27
  • Robert and Krissy Dye, Tonganoxie, a boy.
Wednesday, Aug. 25
  • Ben and Valerie Miller-Coleman, Lawrence, a girl.
  • Andy and Candice Bightel, Topeka, a girl.
  • Caleb Beets and Cassie Langrehr, Baldwin City, a girl.
  • Jason and Elizabeth Koepp, Lawrence, a boy.
Thursday, Aug. 26
  • Tony and Lindsey Halsa, Tonganoxie, a girl.
  • Jon DeBoer and Megan McCloud, Wellsville, a girl.
  • Sean and Lori Blake, Tecumseh, a girl.
Tuesday, Aug. 24
  • Mark and Stephani Howarter, Lawrence, a girl.
  • Joseph and Danielle Hugunin, Lawrence, a girl.
  • Jared and Martha Flory, Baldwin, a girl.
  • Timothy and Kyly Bateman, Lawrence, a boy.
  • Ted and Jaylyn Morehouse, Lawrence, a boy.
Monday, Aug. 23
  • Jean and Rob Viloria, Lawrence, a girl.
  • Mike and Christine Oleson, Eudora, a boy.
  • Oscar and Nikki Nicoloff, Lawrence, a boy.
Sunday, Aug. 22
  • Jessica Haremza and Papa Diop, Lawrence, a girl.
Saturday, Aug. 21
  • Darwin Heyd Jr. and Chantal Prost, Big Springs, a girl.
  • Rusty and Tara Kroenke, Lawrence, a boy.
Friday, Aug. 20
  • Allen and Lisa Erber, Lawrence, a girl.
  • Mark and Julie Morris, Topeka, a girl.
Thursday, Aug. 19
  • Jerad and Annie Elliott, St. Joseph, Mo., a boy.
  • Kylee Nilges and Chris Fiedler, Overbrook, a girl.
Tuesday, Aug. 17
  • Adam and Tia Whitaker, Lawrence, a girl.
  • Nick Raulsten Jr. and Georgia Raulsten, Lawrence, a boy.
  • Brian and Shelley Mater, Lawrence, a girl.
Thursday, Aug. 12
  • Lauren Howard and David Brown, Lawrence, a girl.
Saturday, Aug. 14
  • Chris Nelson and Chelsea Green, Lawrence, a girl.
Friday, Aug. 13
  • Mark Baber and Carmen Stone King, Ottawa, a boy.
Thursday, Aug. 12
  • Johnathan Woods and Amanda Jones, Lawrence, a boy.
  • Sarah Gael Faith and Joseph Hibbs Jr., Lawrence, a boy.
  • Daphne and Keith Jones, Lawrence, a girl.
  • Mishawn and TJ Evans, Ottawa, a boy and a girl.
Tuesday, Aug. 10
  • Russell Sullivan Jr. and Samantha Sullivan, Lawrence, a girl.
Monday, Aug. 9
  • Ben and Kristen Murphy, Tonganoxie, a boy.
  • Elizabeth Gillaspie and Quincy Ray, Ottawa, a boy.
Sunday, Aug. 8
  • Van Johnson and Jessica Jewell, Lawrence, a girl.
Saturday, Aug. 7
  • Seyool Oh and Ji-Yeon Lee, Lawrence, a boy.
  • Kelly Brown and Caleb Jeffcoat, Lawrence, a girl.
  • Eric and Toni Kreitz, Lawrence, a girl.
  • Kristina and Jamel Sandidge, McLouth, a girl.
  • Scott and Christy Johnson, Baldwin City, a boy.
Friday, Aug. 6
  • Kyle and Natalie Krueger, Lawrence, a girl.
  • Shari Portenier and Jordan Gibbens, Lawrence, a girl.
  • Shawn and Catherine O'Brien, Lawrence, a girl.
  • Darric and Candice Hannold, Eudora, a boy.
Thursday, Aug. 5
  • Carrie Bennett and John Lesher, Lawrence, a girl.
  • Tara and Jonah Painter, Lawrence, a boy.
Wednesday, Aug. 4
  • Logan and Taryn Robbs, Wellsville, a girl.
  • Owen and Tally Lehmann, Lawrence, a girl.
  • Camille Cushinberry and Andron Cruse, Lawrence, a girl.
Tuesday, Aug. 3
  • Hadley and JoAnna Moss, Lawrence, a boy.
  • Tanisha Birch and Michael Walton, Lawrence, a boy.
  • Daniel and Heather Bahnmaier, Lawrence, a girl.
  • Derek Burkett and Sara Duhe, Topek, a girl.
Monday, Aug. 2
  • Kelly Hadl, Lawrence, a girl.
Sunday, Aug. 1
  • Jamie Engnehl and Mickey Ramsey, Lawrence, a boy.