Bill Self and Scot Pollard team up to buy Mass. Street property; BBQ event coming to Rock Chalk Park

Well, here’s a property to keep an eye on, and a partnership that sets the mind to racing. Kansas University basketball coach Bill Self and former KU basketball star Scot Pollard have bought a Massachusetts Street commercial property.

Documents filed with the Kansas Secretary of State’s office confirm that Self and Pollard are the members of a corporation that bought the former Performance Tire and Wheel building at 1828 Massachusetts St. That’s right. We’re talking about south Mass. here. In case you left your map of former tire shops at home, the building is just north of Cottin’s Hardware or a couple doors south of Dillons.

No plans have been filed at City Hall yet that give any clues about how the duo plans to use the property. The rumor that Self bought the property has been floating around for quite awhile now. Indeed, the property was purchased some time ago, but until recently the only information I had was the name of the corporation that bought it. But in recent weeks the corporation had to file an annual report that listed its shareholders. Self and Pollard were the only ones listed as owning more than 5 percent of the company.

The most common speculation I’ve heard is about a restaurant going into the location. But I don’t have confirmation. I’m doubtful that Self is going to give up his clipboard for an apron, so any restaurant venture likely will involve someone else.

I’ve got a call into Ted McDonald, a Kansas City-area attorney listed on a lot of the paperwork for the project, but haven’t yet heard back.

But, of course, the idea of Bill Self lending his name to a venture is intriguing. For that matter, Pollard’s involvement is intriguing as well. Pollard is nothing if not intriguing, although it has been reported that he’s mellowed over the years. For those of you who have forgotten Pollard, think back to the KU basketball player who got attention for painting his fingernails, and then wore a Mohawk and muttonchops in the NBA.

The possibilities of a Scot Pollard-themed club are fun to think about. But the possibilities of a Bill Self-themed club — again, I don’t know that’s going to happen — are even more fun. Ponder this for a second: The corporation Bill Self formed to buy this property is BS, LLC. How about the BS Club? Anyone interested in that? Referee blows a call. Rehash it at the BS Club. Iowa State fan has too much of a liquid corn product and charges our head coach. Mock him at the BS Club. KU football season . . . well, the BS Club may need an expansion.

Again, I don’t know what the future holds for the property. I’ll ask the good folks on our sports desk to reach out to Coach Self, and we’ll let you know if we hear more. (UPDATE: They got in touch with Self. He said he didn’t have any comment at the moment.) It certainly could just be that Self and Pollard bought the property as a real estate investment.

If so, they may be finding that some real estate investments can be as much fun as a road trip to Ames. This property used to be an old gas station, and it had an underground storage tank that had to be removed. In fact, I think it had two underground storage tanks, which may have been a surprise, according to some people I have talked to. The latest paperwork filed at City Hall is for a demolition permit for one of the small buildings on the site. The permit application indicates the work is related to an underground storage tank remediation project.

In other news and notes from around town:

• For what it is worth, it looks like Scot Pollard may be building a new home out in the neighborhood where Bill Self lives. City commissioners a couple of weeks ago approved as part of their consent agenda a variance request for Pollard so that he could build at 4520 Bauer Brook Court, which is the upscale subdivision on the northern portions of Folks Road in northwest Lawrence. As has been the case with several of the houses in that subdivision, it has needed permission to install a septic tank, since the property has difficulty accessing a city sewer line.

• Well, if you haven’t gotten your spring shipment of Wet Wipes, you had better get busy. It is BBQ season, and there is a change coming to one of the larger barbecue events in Lawrence. The Sertoma Club of Lawrence is moving its annual barbecue competition to Rock Chalk Park, from Broken Arrow Park.

City commissioners at their meeting on Tuesday are set to approve a permit that will allow the competition to use one of the large parking lots at Rock Chalk Park on May 8-9. Plans call for 48 teams and about 400 members of the public to participate in the event. Teams will start cooking at 8 a.m. on Friday, May 8 and continue into May 9. The event will be open for the public to go out and sample barbecue from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. on May 9.

So, if you are planning ahead, you may want to be prepared to hunt for different parking spot if you are heading to the recreation center at Rock Chalk Park on that day. Depending on how long you stay and sample, you may also want to plan a little extra time on the treadmill too.

No word yet on whether the move to Rock Chalk Park is a permanent one for the event, or if perhaps the group is just trying out the venue given that there is so much construction work around Broken Arrow Park because of the South Lawrence Trafficway project.