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Hi Lawrence!

Look Play Listen is the library’s brand new media team.

Each month we’ll round up some of our favorite music, film/TV, and video game reviews from our staff and put them in one easy-to-read, easy-to-locate blog post.

Keep an eye out.

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Get Out

This modern horror/suspense film comes with more than a few laughs and a healthy dose of timely social commentary. Writer/director Jordan Peele impresses in this debut that is as mind-bending as it is thought-provoking.

•Adam from Materials Handling

Broad City

It’s crazy, raunchy, and the show might be a little hard to get into at the start, but hang in there, because Abbi and Ilana will grow on you like mold. They have the best friendship — not always perfect, but they pull through for each other eventually. Their hijinks are hilarious, and I’m so excited for season 4!

•William from Collection Development


Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze

The best Donkey Kong game. PERIOD. The Kongs and their surroundings have never looked, sounded — thanks to David Wise for a fantastic soundtrack — or played better. Best of all, not only do you get to play as Kong stalwarts DK, Diddy, and Dixie, DKCTF lets you play as Cranky Kong.

The dream I never knew I had has come true.

•Ian from Info Services


Quazars vs. the Jealous Machines

Acid rap may be the hip hop subgenre du jour, but Shabazz Palaces is content to dabble in what could be called, I don’t even know, cyberpunk jazz rap? Neuromancer-core?

“Quazarz vs. the Jealous Machines,” sporting a fittingly “Ziggy Stardust”-esque title, proves the group can sustain its new take on the craft, with its rolling, spacey beats and hypnotic verses.

•Eli from Readers’ Services

Hesitation Marks

One of Trent Reznor’s finest pieces of work. Anything he does with Nine Inch Nails will forever be compared to “The Downward Spiral” and “Pretty Hate Machine;” however, for a new era of his career, this album is the flagship.

There are intricate, interesting grooves, catchy hooks and visceral sound design. This album took me from being a casual NIN listener to a massive fan.

•Joel from Tech Services


Kesha is a pretty misunderstood musical artist and a total guilty pleasure of mine. I was a huge fan of her last release, Warrior, yet a bit unsure how the media ballyhoo of her lawsuit with Dr. Luke was going to affect this new album, Rainbow. My worries were all for naught.

Kesha’s recent plight has indeed made a mark on her, yet only for the better. She has gleaned some serious lessons from her ordeal, come out with a seemingly healthier mindset, and used her musical talents as a conduit in the only way she can.

•Ilka from Readers’ Services

So that’s it from us for September! What media did you love this month?

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