Is KU deserving of No. 1 spot? Lots of national voices say yes

A few links while wondering how West Virginia coach Bob Huggins will spend his $25,000 if his team upsets Kansas on Monday night.

The new national polls come out in a few hours, and Kansas (18-1) is one of two teams, along with Michigan (19-1), that should get the most consideration for the top spot.

What’s the national view on who should be No. 1?

Jeff Eisenberg of Yahoo! Sports says KU deserves the spot because it has a more impressive list of marquee wins.’s Eamonn Brennan looks at the arguments for both teams, saying KU’s “case is just as good, if not better, than anyone else the voters could plausibly pick Monday afternoon.”’s Sean Keeler says KU’s resume “stacks up with anybody’s in the high-rent club,” noting the Jayhawks’ 7-1 mark against RPI top-50 teams is elite compared to other programs.

• Our own Gary Bedore mentioned the new “Jeff Withey block party” video in his game story from Saturday’s 67-54 KU victory over Oklahoma.

Here’s the last part of the video for those who might not have seen it.

For the second straight game, KU guard Rio Adams impressed with his sideline dancing, as the cameras found him this time doing some crazy, dead-arm bowing on the KU bench.’s Seth Davis sits down a few minutes with KU coach Bill Self in his Fast Break column, with Self saying a few interesting things in the interview.

Here’s one of Self’s quotes from the Q&A:

… I think our bench is getting ready
to get good. They’re just young.
(Perry) Ellis, (Jamari) Traylor and
(Naadir) Tharpe have the potential to
make a difference. I actually think we
can be better offensively when we go
to our bench.

Later on, Self also calls Ben McLemore “the most gifted athlete I’ve ever been around.”

• The New York Times’ Dick “Hoops” Weiss covered KU’s game against Oklahoma, and he gives a national perspective on KU, starting his article by saying:

Because Kansas is located in the
heartland, far from the media centers
of Los Angeles, Chicago and New York,
and plays in the least powerful of the
BCS conferences, there is a reluctance
to think of the Jayhawks in the same
way as Duke, Carolina, Kentucky, UCLA
and Syracuse. But make no mistake,
Kansas is, and always will be, one of
the nation’s elite basketball

A final look at some highlights from the KU-OU game from KU Athletics:

Thanks to clevelandjayhawker on our site for sending me the link to this article, as last week, Kansas State forward Shane Southwell made somewhat of a controversial statement after he failed to get a defensive rebound that cost his team three points in KSU’s 59-55 loss to KU on Tuesday.

This quote comes from a Friday story in the Kansas City Star/Wichita Eagle by Kellis Robinett.

“I should never have let that guy get
that rebound. I mean, it’s Kevin

That probably didn’t come out how Southwell wanted it to, but the funny thing is, statistically, Young is KU’s best offensive rebounder, and it’s not very close.

According to, the senior is 74th nationally in offensive rebounding percentage. KU center Jeff Withey is the only other Jayhawk to crack the top 500 (472nd).

• And finally, we mentioned this in another story on the site but here’s the full story from the Dallas Morning News on former KU forward Zach Peters transferring to Colin College in Texas. It details some of the struggles Peters has faced with his multiple concussions, which includes being in a fog and having difficulty finding chapters in books.