Lawrence Libations: Hares Away! at Five Bar and Tables

photo by: Joanna Hlavacek

The Hares

This month’s Lawrence Libations is something of a mystery.

Earlier this week, we sampled a refreshing — and potent — cocktail at Five Bar and Tables called “Hares Away!” We’d originally come across the ambiguously named concoction (cutesy animal-themed food/drink items are like catnip to this reporter) on the bar’s online menu, so when we journeyed a few blocks down Massachusetts Street to sample the drink, we were a little let down to see it missing from the menu’s printed edition.

Our bartender wasn’t quite sure what exactly went into the cocktail at first, but reassured us that folks can still order the Hares Away and yes, he’d make one for us.

We’re still not certain if what we sampled really was a Hares Away!, whatever that is, because it wasn’t 100 percent reflective of the description on the online menu. What we got looked sort of like Butterbeer (you know, from “Harry Potter,” obviously) in terms of coloring, and tasted mostly like Jack Daniels blended with lemon juice and muddled mint leaves. It was nice.

Apparently, the sole keeper of the Hares Away! secrets, we’re told, is Five Bar owner Nick Wysong, who could not be reached for comment. But from a bit of online sleuthing, I did find a few entries on dictionary websites that offered what is now my best speculation: To “hare off” or “hare away” means to move quickly, like a hare.

If you’re looking to move quickly into a state of intoxication, this is your drink, I guess. It’s strong, but also tastes light and springy (maybe the “hare” has something to do with that? Easter and rebirth and all?), which makes it deceptively easy to overindulge.

The hard stuff: Jack Daniels whiskey, triple sec and vodka, according to our bartender. Bourbon, crème de menthe, triple sec and vodka, according to the Five Bar and Tables online menu.

Where it’s served: Five Bar and Tables, 947 Massachusetts St.

What you’ll pay: $6.50, according to my receipt, but if we’re going to go by what’s on the online menu, $10

Other libations at this location: Classics like Moscow mules and gimlets, plus plenty of warm-weather cocktails like the Cool Cucumber, strawberry margarita and the intriguing cherry limeade and whiskey.