Game Nut Birthday Party Huge Success

On Saturday, the Game Nut video game, movie and dvd store celebrated its 5th birthday party by giving away $5,000 worth of stuff in drawings and prizes. Like Nintendo Wiis, ipods, xboxes, plus they served cake in the gaming loft (which is awesome by the way, you can pretty much play any game on any system ever while lounging in a great big massage chair.) I saw a grandfather playing an old Atari 2600 version of Donkey Kong on a giant high-definition screen. And I can’t forget to mention the cupcakes done in the style of pac-man, power-pellet maze and all.

If you’re downtown, you can’t miss their window displays. Unveiled on Saturday, ‘Rampage’ – imagine king kong and godzilla duking it out in in the great big city.