Gustav and the first couple days

_Editor’s Note: Becca Korphage is one of three Kansas delegates to the Republican National Convention who will be blogging on Check back often to see what they’re saying._We left for the Republican National Convention at 6 a.m. Sunday morning for a pleasant seven hour drive straight up I-35. I’m a city girl, but I love driving across open plains. My friend and I arrived just in time to check in, change and get downtown to a Fox News reception. The afternoon led into the opening party for the convention at Civic Fest. It was a bit of an amusement park and shoppers’ dream for political junkies; a spirited way to kick off the week. Monday morning we had confirmation that the RNC sessions would be shortened to include required business only. The theme for the night’s speeches was intended to be “Country First”. Even though we didn’t hear any of those speeches, the actions of the RNC, McCain’s camp and the delegations delivered that message loud and clear. It was inspiring and patriotically unifying to see video from the gulf coast governors, all Republican, sharing how they’re working together – communities and governments – to be prepared, support and recover from what promised to be a devastating storm. I appreciated and donated to several organizations Chairman Mike Duncan and First Lady Laura Bush promoted. McCain and the RNC did the right thing by keeping the attention where it needed to be that night; not in the words of inspiring speeches, but in the actions of putting country first. While we were at the convention we had about an hour to wander around while the credentials committee confirmed quorum. During that time I managed to find four of my old Young Republican National Federation friends from around the country. Many years ago I was extremely involved in YRs at the county, state and national level. Even though I haven’t participated in anything nationally in about 5 years, I still stay in contact. One thing that was a little surreal was watching Kevin McCarthy – excuse me, Congressman McCarthy – speak as the Platform Committee chairman. Kevin was the chairman of the YRNF back when I was actively involved. It is exciting to see that kind of progression. I knew he was a congressman, I just didn’t know he had become this high profile in the party. Go Kevin! Also, during the recess I went by the Winning Women suite. Winning Women is a national Republican women’s political leadership series. The chapter in Kansas is called the Dwight D. Eisenhower Excellence in Public Service Series, of which I’m a graduate. I would encourage you to check it out. It was fun to meet women from other states and chapters. Once back at the hotel our delegation enjoyed a reception presented by Cargill. I followed that up with an evening out downtown with friends from around the state that I hardly see and friends from around the country that I never see. We had a good time. As Gustav has thankfully been downgraded significantly this evening’s session should be back to normal. I’m excited!