Don’t text and drive

¢ Erik Nelson, a KU student who is studying the impacts of text-messaging while driving, tells the [Sacramento Bee][1] that texting creates a type of tunnel-vision.California has passed legislation prohibiting use of electronic devices while driving for drivers who are 16 and 17._”You have two visual stimuli at the same time and you can’t pay attention to them both,” Nelson says. “So it’s that much more dangerous.”__Nelson polled about 300 University of Kansas students about their cell phone and driving habits. Every single student — 100 percent — admitted talking while driving, and 72 percent said they text message.__”It absolutely has to do with this age group,” Nelson says. “But we hypothesize that future generations will have more of this type of usage frequency compared to older generations that haven’t grown up with this technology.”__And for those surveyed who said text messaging is “very risky,” 35 percent said they still text all or most of the time while driving, Nelson says.__”We believe there’s a social pressure to always be available,” he says. “And people are putting that need ahead of their safety both for themselves and others.”_¢ Chief Gray Eagle, who was a student at Haskell Indian Nations University in the late 1800s, is the subject of a story in today’s [Springfield (Ill.) Journal-Register.][1]_But before he graduated from Haskell, Chief Gray Eagle left school to join a traveling medicine show. In 1894, he started his own such show. The chief also was one of 19 American Indians who joined an opera company that performed throughout Europe._¢ Randy Breeden of Lawrence is one of the cycling enthusiasts following the Tour of Missouri this week. He’s quoted in a story in the [Springfield (Mo.) News-Leader][1]_”I’m in heaven,” said Randy Breeden of Lawrence, Kan., who is following the tour and riding the areas every day with his friend Norm Cluff, also of Lawrence. “I always wanted to follow a tour and this one was right in our own backyard.”__Breeden was excited to meet BMC Racing Team member Scott Moninger, particularly because he was riding the bike he bought from Moninger 15 years ago. “I even talked to one of the mechanics who remembered making the bike,” Breeden said._ [1]: