Lawrence residents join debate over hair-dyeing

¢ Lawrence resident Alice Lieberman and her twin sister are featured prominently this week in a story in Time magazine. The story is about the decision women must make over whether or not to dye their gray hair._Identical twins Mary and Alice Lieberman have been zygotically close all their 55 years, even as adults living hundreds of miles apart. Two years ago, they were especially excited about seeing each other: Mary, a social worker, had moved to Poughkeepsie, N.Y., from Austin, Texas, and she hadn’t seen Alice, a social-work professor at the University of Kansas in Lawrence, for more than a year.__As the sisters approached each other on a street in Lawrence, Mary stopped dead in her tracks. Seven months earlier, she had stopped coloring her hair, but only now, seeing Alice, did she fully register what she had done: “I saw my brunet twin coming toward me and had the uneasy feeling that she looked like me, only five or 10 years younger. After I saw her, I hated my hair.”_The story also quotes Cathy Hamilton, managing editor of, which is owned by the World Company, which also owns¢ Linda Sue Warner, the new president of Haskell Indian Nations University, is profiled in Indian Country Today. She says that she’s getting to know campus well during her first 90 days on the job._Warner said she was happy to see that Haskell had identified its core values: accountability, respect, cooperation and honesty. __”When I saw that those core values had already been identified, I knew I could build a school around that,” Warner stated. __”I want those core values to permeate around the school. When people meet me and then walk away, I want them to know that I am going to be accountable, respectful, cooperative and honest with them.”_