Columnist’s take on KU T-shirt debate

¢ A columnist for the San Antonio Express-News offers his take on the legal copyright battle between KU and the T-shirt company:_Two of the biggest sellers have “Our coach can eat your coach” and “Our coach beat anorexia!” slogans in reference to Jayhawks coach Mark Mangino’s husky build. Those shirts come in sizes as big as 2XL online.__The company and the university couldn’t reach any agreement in an arbitration hearing two weeks ago, and the case will go to trial in January.__Which might be an entertaining trial since “Our coach can eat your coach” isn’t as funny on a T-shirt as in it will be a court deposition._¢ A former KU professor whose Body Farm at the University of Tennessee has led to a number of anthropological discoveries was featured on the Science Friday edition of “Talk of the Nation” on National Public Radio. Bill Bass is the author of “Beyond the Body Farm.”¢ Erin Brockovich Ellis – the Lawrence native and environmentalist made famous in a 2000 blockbuster movie – was featured in an issue of last week’s Fort Worth Star-Telegram. Brockovich Ellis spoke in Fort Worth on Thursday, where the paper asked her if she ever dreamed, as a girl in Lawrence, that she would someday make a difference in so many people’s lives.She responded: _No. I always knew I would do something, I just didn’t know that this would be it. I was raised with a real simple philosophy: My dad always said, “When you are floating down the stream of life and, if somebody is drowning, you lend a hand.”_