New Mizzou shirts invoke image of Quantrill’s Raid

First, KU fans wore “Muck Fizzou” T-shirts as a thinly veiled attempt to speak their minds about the collegiate rival.Now, some Missouri fans are fighting back with a T-shirt of their own, as the two teams prepare for a Nov. 24 football matchup at Arrowhead Stadium, with the winner likely taking the Big 12 North.This post on AOL Sports shows the new Mizzou T-shirts, which show Lawrence burning to the ground after the famous Civil War-era attack by William Quantrill.Under the picture is the word “Scoreboard,” and under that is the Missouri Tiger logo. On the back, according to the post, is Quantrill’s slogan: “Raise the black flag and ride hard, boys. Our cause is just and our enemies many.”Author Nathan Fowler writes: “You can have your Ohio State v. Michigan or Alabama v. Auburn, but the last time I checked nobody from Columbus ever went to Ann Arbor and systematically executed every man they could find while burning the town to the ground. And certainly nobody made t-shirts later celebrating that fact.”Fowler also notes a new KU shirt on the market, as KU officials and some student groups are trying to get students to stop wearing the “Muck Fizzou” shirts.The new shirts show a picture of abolitionist John Brown, with the words: “Kansas: Keeping America safe from Missouri since 1854.”