Weekend Picks: Ballard B3; I Heart Local Music Showcase; Wayzgoose at Wonder Fair; Backyard Bash; ‘Metropolis’ with orchestra

This week’s column doesn’t have a theme but, as SNL’s Stefon would once have said, this weekend does have everything: a fundraising feast full of BBQ and hushpuppies, some “doe-eyed” Toughies, silent films with orchestral accompaniment, a picnic serenade from a gang of printmakers, and even a Wayzgoose. See you out there.


Ballard B3: Blues, Brews, and Barbecue, 6 p.m. Friday at Abe and Jake’s

Can we persuade you to shell out $60 for a Friday night event? Perhaps. Consider the following:

1) B3, an evening of “blues, brews, and barbecue,” is the “signature fundraiser” for LFK’s beloved nonprofit organization Ballard Community Services, which has been providing education and assistance to children of low-income families since 1964.

2) Three blues bands, including the raucous Mad Kings, will provide tunes while you scarf down a spread of pulled pork tacos, brats, chicken wings, smoked turkey, and brisket accompanied by side dishes that are prepared by some of LFK’s best restaurants (including potato salad from Limestone and hushpuppies from Terrebonne).

3) The ticket price also grants you access to all-you-can-drink craft beer. That’s right! Put aside the PBR for a night and live it up.

Convinced yet? Do it for the children! (Or the chance to see how much craft beer and BBQ you can guzzle and gobble for $60.)

The Facebook event page is here and check out the full tasty menu at the official website.


I Heart Local Music Showcase: Toughies/No Cave/Sona, 10 p.m. Friday at Replay

Friday night brings the first installment of I Heart Local Music’s fall/winter showcase series, designed to mix established bands with fresh-faced newcomers to the scene.

We’re starting to think that this new band Toughies may not be quite as tough as their name suggests! I Heart Local Music describes them as “a box of kittens disguised as a band.” Give a listen to the crisp, bright, pop harmonies of Toughies’ “What Are Hands For?” at their Soundcloud page.

Mix in the popular, danceable psych-rock of No Cave and Sona‘s shoegaze and you’re more likely to find yourself swaying along and/or zoning out than getting in a rumble with Toughies in the alley after the show. Then again, this IS a Replay show, so who knows?

The Facebook event page is here with full band bios. Dress tough. Or dress twee. Whatever works for you.


Print Week Wayzgoose and Future Wonder Fair, 6:30-10 p.m. Saturday in the new Wonder Fair space, 841 Mass.

It’s Restaurant Week AND Print Week in LFK. Hopefully you are making the most of both. Consult the LJ-World for a full list of Print Week events which focuses especially on Saturday’s major Print Fair from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. at the Lawrence Arts Center.

After the Print Fair, however, considering spending the evening at our most-anticipated Print Week event to experience a “Wayzgoose” (what??) and scope out Wonder Fair’s cool new street-level digs. For those unschooled in super old-school print terminology, a Wayzgoose is a “traditional printmaker’s fete,” which possibly dates back as far as Gutenberg himself.

Wonder Fair’s take on the Wayzgoose “will feature music, drinks, a new exhibition of mokuhanga prints by artists Yoonmi Nam, Katie Baldwin and Mariko Jesse, and an on-site letterpress where you’ll be able to print your own souvenir Print Week coaster.”

Find much more information on the Facebook event page.


Backyard Bash, 4-7 p.m. Saturday, in Marvin Grove behind Spencer Museum of Art

There’s no football game this weekend, so it’s a good time to spend a MUCH more relaxing evening on campus at this family-friendly event hosted by the Spencer.

In addition to numerous kid-friendly activities, the Print Week fun continues here as well with interactive events and tunes from LFK’s merry band of printmakers A la Poupée & the Chine-Collés. The prolific CS Luxem is also on the bill.

Guests are invited to enjoy free snacks or pack their own picnic dinner. The Facebook event page is here.


String and Return vs Major Games, 10 p.m. Saturday at Bottleneck

If the Toughies’ sound isn’t tough enough for you, consider Saturday evening’s main rock and roll event.

KC’s mighty String and Return make a rare Lawrence appearance, and joining them in the ring (or stage, as the case may be) is LFK’s massively-heavy Major Games. Many Moods of Dad and Maybe Not round out the bout (or bill).

We love the clean and simple design of the poster above but you’ll find a much sillier and more cluttered poster at the Facebook event page. That one reminds us of the wacky imaginary poster that Nicholas St. James described in our column last week.


“Metropolis” screening with Alloy Orchestra, 7:30 p.m. Sunday at Lawrence Arts Center

Can we convince you to pay nearly $20 for a movie that you can easily see at home? Perhaps.

It’s not likely, after all, that you can convince Boston’s esteemed Alloy Orchestra to drop by your house and accompany your lonely Netflix small-screen experience. Plus, even aside from the stellar musical backdrop, “Metropolis” is one of the greatest of all science-fiction films and fully deserves to be seen at least once on a big-screen where its incredibly-detailed vision can be fully processed.

Lawrence’s Footprints has been sponsoring this stellar silent film series with musical accompaniment for years now at the LAC. We caught Murnau’s amazing “Sunrise” a few years back and can assure you the experience is memorable.

Visit the Footprints website for more details and to order tickets.

Tweet us @LarryvilleLife and we’ll see you at the Wayzgoose!