A Rock chalk rap titled ‘Bill Selfish’; Steinways for sale; business school noted for beauty

photo by: Nick Krug

Vanilla Ice, played by Kansas head coach Bill Self, introduces a skit during Late Night in the Phog, Friday, Oct. 15, 2010.

The NCAA men’s basketball championship tournament is here, and as usual the Jayhawks are in it as a No. 1 seed. That’s worth an original rap to help get KU fans pumped up, a trio of local underground artists decided. Technically, the guys at Neostar Music decided to remake a track from a September 2016 album into a profanity-free version they hope fans will rally around. The song’s titled, “Bill Selfish.”

That’s more of a play on the name than a literal description for head coach Bill Self and his team, said Antwone McAfee (stage name, Ducoh), 34, a Lawrence native who currently lives in Olathe. McAfee created “Bill Selfish” along with Antonio Manley (aka Neostar) and Sheldon Flowers (aka Rio Bravo), both of Lawrence.

“We’re not calling him selfish,” McAfee said. But they kind of are. “We got some selfishness to us cause, you know, we good.”

McAfee said most of his music “has a good feel to it…more of an old school type of vibe.” Combine that with his love for basketball — specifically, KU basketball — and you get “Bill Selfish.” The song’s available for free on soundcloud.com (click here to listen), and McAfee said he’s been emailing it to people and was thinking about making CDs to hand out for free around town.

“The intent was for the community to be able to listen to you know and just have a good time and enjoy basketball,” he said. “I think a lot of people could relate to it.”


What happens to pianos KU doesn’t want anymore? Turns out, kind of like aged-out police cars or old ambulances I’ve encountered in my years of reporting, they’re sold at government auction.

Right now, three Steinway B pianos used in practice rooms at the school of music can be yours. The university is selling them to make way for new ones, and recently shared the listings in a press release.

The auction for the three pianos ends March 23, and bidding on each is up to $8,501 apiece as of Friday, according to the listings at govdeals.com. There’s a 1918 model, a 1926 model and a 1950 model. You buy it, you move it.

Of course while I was at it I scrolled through all the other KU property for sale at govdeals.com. There appears to be lots of camera and film equipment up for grabs right now. Also a professional scale from Watkins, a handful of projectors, some trash cans and a TV with built-in VCR, if anybody is in the market for one of those.


Interior Design magazine recently featured KU’s Capitol Federal Hall in the feature, “8 Simply Amazing University Buildings.” The write-up highlights “a zigzagging steel staircase with views into the glass-fronted offices, tutoring stations, conference rooms, and lounges. Near the base of the staircase, tiered seating references the university’s hilly terrain and features moveable, student-designed benches. Long, art-lined corridors encourage students and faculty to stop, observe, and communicate between classes.”

Click here to see the other schools’ also very cool spaces. The KU business school, which calls Capitol Federal Hall home, shared the shout-out on Twitter, @KUbschool.

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