Several Lawrence chess teams win big at state tournament

Some Lawrence students will be bringing trophies back to school as they return from spring break.

At each level of the Kansas Scholastic Chess Association state tournament — elementary, middle and high school — Lawrence students earned either first or second place.

Students from Quail Run Elementary placed second in the tournament in the third-grade division. In the fifth-grade division, Raintree Montessori Elementary placed second.

West Middle School placed first in the eighth-grade division, and Lawrence High School placed first in the 12th-grade division.

Players had to have earned a certain number of points in previous tournaments to qualify for the statewide tournament, which took place March 12 at the Kansas Union on the Kansas University campus.

Lawrence medal winners in the various divisions included:


Kiana Hajiarbabi, LHS, 7th; Jose Smokowski, LHS, 12th; Shahrzad Hajiarbabi, LHS, 13th; Diane Camarda, Free State, 22nd; and John Ely, LHS, 37th.


Ryan Duan, Southwest, 2nd; Liam McKinney, West, 11th; Isaac Lee, Central, 13th; Rita Joseph, West, 14th; Bill Qian, Southwest, 24th; Ben Shryock, West, 26th; Colin Marett, South, 28th; Logan Camarda, West, 34th; Sam Hertzog, Bishop Seabury, 37th; Wheeler Battaglia-Davis, Central, 43rd; Audrey Nguyen-Hoang, Bishop Seabury, 45th; Jackson Barnett, West, 48th; and Jake Collins, West, 55th.


Steven Duan, Quail Run, 11th; Zach Mastrisomone, Raintree, 12th; Dhruv Duvvur, Raintree, 15th; Nathaniel Slemmer, Raintree, 24th; Ethan Hart, Quail Run, 27th; Charmi Daas, Hillcrest, 29th; Marcus Souders, Cordley, 30th; Jackson Green, New York, 39th; Mahathi Reddy, Raintree, 41st; Hayden Houts, Cordley, 42nd; Casey Kong, Quail Run, 45th; Julian Angell, Cordley, 50th; Arlo Paden, New York, 57th; Braeden Soderstrom, Prairie Park, 60th; Ben Buffington, Quail Run, 62nd; Joe O’Keefe, Cordley, 63rd; and Andrew Bellemere, Raintree, 64th.


Richard Li, Quail Run, 6th; Zoe Cahiguango, Raintree, 9th; Neel Sabarwal, Quail Run, 15th; Asher Sikes, New York, 16th; Brian Qian, Quail Run, 25th; Thomas Sikes, Quail Run, 26th; Ethan Hu, Quail Run, 27th; Calvin Tibbs, Sunflower, 31st; Dwight Souders, Cordley, 45th; Ryan Mastrosimone, Raintree, 47th; Chirag Daas, Hillcrest, 51st; Jordan Cole, New York, 52nd; Adelle Erickson, Raintree, 57th; Giulia Ventello, Cordley, 71st; Logan Gurske, New York, 72nd; Truman Sizemore, Raintree, 74th; Katie Mastrosimone, Raintree, 76th; Logan Miescher-Lerner, Cordley, 77th; Gladys Demby, New York, 79th; Julian Bricker, Cordley, 83rd; Miles Beaty, New York, 84th; Madeline Williams, Raintree, 86th; Sean Ruddy, Raintree, 91st; Oscar Paden, New York, 94th; Vidhu Reddy, 95th; Kuel Kuel, Prairie Park, 99th; Phoenix Green, New York, 100th; Aubrey Tibbs, Sunflower, 101st; Andie Garrett, Raintree, 102nd; Anna Gordon-Ross, Prairie Park, 104th; Jansen Billie, Cordley, 106th; Deven Ebeling, Sunflower, 107th; and Brayden Sheley, Prairie Park, 108th.

Full results can be found at the KSCA’s website.

In other news and notes:

– The Lawrence school board will
meet at 7 p.m. at the district
offices, 110 McDonald Drive.

– The Broken Arrow Elementary PTA
will meet from 6:30 p.m. to 8 p.m.

Lunch menu options:

Elementary school level

Main dish: cheese pizza; hummus with cheese and pita bread; peanut butter and jelly with string cheese; chef salad with breadstick

Sides: roasted broccoli, salad bar, fruit cocktail, milk

Middle school level

Main dish: cheese pizza; hummus with cheese and pita bread; peanut butter and jelly with string cheese; chef salad with breadstick; hamburger; spicy chicken sandwich

Sides: roasted broccoli, fruit cocktail, cream of broccoli soup, salad bar, fruit juice, fresh fruit, milk

High school level

Main dish: teriyaki chicken and edamame; egg roll with oriental rice; rice bowl; deli bar; pizza; cereal with string cheese; parfaits with muffin; hummus with cheese and pita bread; peanut butter and jelly with string cheese; chef salad with breadstick; daily sandwiches

Sides: oriental blend vegetable, edamame, pineapple, fresh fruit, fruit sorbet, fruit juice, oven potatoes, milk