Gahh, it’s going to be hot again, so be prepared

Guess what? It’ll be hot for tomorrow’s sidewalk sale. Like 104 degrees hot. Again.

But we’re used to this by now, right? Even so, it’s smart to be prepared for the heat.

“Make sure you drink lots of water, and wear sunblock,” said Emily Kurtz, a manager at MissFortune’s Creation Station, 726 Mass.

Weaver’s Department Store Vice President Earl Reineman suggested making occasional stops at cooling stations or to order drinks and food inside restaurants.

“Pace yourself,” he said. “Take breaks from the shopping someplace cool where you can sit down, get something to drink.”

Designated cooling stations, which debuted last year, will be back, said Cathy Hamilton, director of Downtown Lawrence Inc. There will be about five of them, marked by big signs in their respective windows.

Another creature comfort, portable toilets, also will be on hand, planned for the breezeway in the 800 block of Massachusetts Street.