Preps notebook: LHS girls soccer claims 3-2 win; Area individuals shine in first track meet

Lawrence High’s girls soccer team secured a 3-2 road win over Topeka High during the season opener on Friday.

In what was an up-and-down game early on, LHS grabbed a 2-1 lead in the first half because of a goal from Avery Kingery and a left-footed score by captain I’yawah Brewer. Kingery then put the game out of the reach with a goal in the second half on a nice pass from Olivia Platt.

“No one really knows what to expect or what kind of team they have since we haven’t been able to play since May of 2019,” LHS head coach Matthew McCune said. “But as a coach, I was very happy and proud of the effort and the result of the game.”

It was an important first step for a Lions squad that is still figuring out their roles at this point in the season.

“We were able to come away with some important knowledge about our team last night, and at the same time, won an away game against a very scrappy and determined Topeka team,” McCune said. “I would say it was a very good game for us and something to build on moving forward.”

LHS will host Olathe West at 7 p.m. Thursday.

Area individuals shine in first track meet of 2021 season

A total of 18 individual events were won by a local track athlete at the Early Bird Invite on Friday at Free State High School. It was a strong start to the 2021 track season, as programs were not able to compete in 2020 due to COVID-19.

Lawrence High junior Avion Nelson was one of the few multi-event winners, as he finished first in the boys long jump and boys triple jump. He posted a leap of 20-11.00 in the former event, while recording a mark of 41-02.00 in the latter field event.

Tonganoxie’s Holly Colvert also won a pair of field events in the meet. She finished first in the girls shot put with a launch of 32-1.00, while recording a mark of 96-09 to win the girls discus competition.

Plenty of other area individuals posted winning marks in the field events on Friday. Free State’s Reese Hulcher won the girls high jump competition with a 5-04.00, while Blake Poje of Tonganoxie placed first in boys high jump with a 6-00.00.

There was also a sweep in pole vault. Ashley Mai of Free State took first in the girls division (9-03.00), while Lawrence’s Zachary Razak and Free State’s Tim Huffman both cleared 9-09.00 to finish in a tie for first in the boys division.

Miri Pickman of LHS won girls triple jump with a leap of 29-10.50. Lawrence’s Amaya Harris posted a winning throw of 127-02 to win the girls javelin event. Dylan Gillespie also won boys shot put for the Lions, with a throw of 46-01.75.

Luke Wheeler-Halsted of Free State won the boys discus competition with a throw of 133-07.

On the track, Free State picked up a trio of individual victories. Isabelle Pro won the girls 3,200-meter run with a time of 12:10.56. Ben Shyrock finished first in the boys 1,600-meter run with a 4:30.05, and Jack Keathley-Helms won the boys 800-meter run with a 1:58.12.

Lawrence’s Natalie Kennedy earned a win in the girls 1,600-meter run with a time of 5:49.18. Tonganoxie sprinter Natalee Shepard won the girls 100-meter run with a 12.97. Oona Nelson notched Bishop Seabury’s lone victory of the day by winning the girls 800-meter run with a mark of 2:36.09.

In addition, LHS won the girls 4×400-meter relay behind a time of 4:19.81 from the quartet of Gianna Cooper, Destiny Savannah, Brenna Schwada and Cyrenity Hardy. Free State’s team of Allison Babbit, Isabelle Pro, Samantha Whittlesey and Delaney Rockers won the 4×800-meter relay with a mark of 10:46.72.

On the boys side, Free State’s group of Brock Cordova, Michael Leonard, Jake Loos and Ethan Sharp won the 4×800-meter relay with a time of 8:57.16.

Both Free State and Lawrence will be at the quadrangular at LHS on Friday. It is slated to begin at 3:30 p.m.

Local results (top-10 finishes) for Bishop Seabury, Lawrence, Free State and Tonganoxie

Girls 100-meter dash: 1. Natalee Shepard, THS, 12.97; 2. Bella Kirkwood, LHS, 13.14; 4. Sianna King, LHS, 13.40; 7. Ivori Jones, LHS, 13.70; 8. Mackenzie Vaughn, FS, 13.73; 10. Ana Holladay, FS, 13.92.

Boys 100-meter dash: 3. Jackson Barnett, FS, 11.56; 5. Logan Schwab, FS, 11.65; 6. Emmett Jones, FS, 11.80; 8. Colin Sandefur, LHS, 11.87; 9. Anthony Barberena, FS, 11.99.

Girls 200-meter dash: 2. Brenna Schwada, LHS, 27.54; 3. Natalee Shepard, THS, 27.71; 5. Siana King, LHS, 28.22; 7. Ivori Jones, LHS, 29.07; 8. Bella Kirkwood, LHS, 29.14; 10. Gianna Cooper, LHS, 29.17.

Boys 200-meter dash: 5. Afton Boone, THS, 24.77; 6. Derrick Barnes, THS, 24.78.

Girls 400-meter run: 2. Siana King, LHS, 1:07.55; 3. Miri Pickman, LHS, 1:08.66; 4. Samantha Whittlesey, FS, 1:08.77; 6. Ivori Jones, LHS, 1:09.55; 8. Jaylie Hohman, LHS, 1:11.12; 9. McKayla McGee, LHS, 1:15.44; 10. Ava Rivera, FS, 1:16.31.

Boys 400-meter run: 2. Colin Sandefur, LHS, 55.34; 5. Kyle Watson, LHS, 56.56; 7. Roman Jasso, FS, 56.96; 9. Jaylon Didde, FS, 56.96; 10. CJ Vananne, THS, 58.56.

Girls 800-meter run: 1. Oona Nelson, BSA, 2:36.09; 2. Delaney Rockers, FS, 2:36.98; 3. Ella Marshall, FS, 2:47.28; 5. Mallory Dick, THS, 2:54.69; 6. Janice Werth, FS, 2:55.13; 7. Kinnley Hoffines, THS, 2:58.04; 8. Campbell Helling, BSA, 3:02.16; 9. Grace Harader-Ellett, LHS, 3:03.13; 10. Gwen Bannwarth, LHS, 3:09.06.

Boys 800-meter run: 1. Jack Keathley-Helms, FS, 1:58.12; 2. Ben Shyock, FS, 1:59.81; 4. Christopher Stone, FS, 2:10.53; 5. Jesse Self, LHS, 2:15.50; 6. Carson Marsh, FS, 2:18.94; 7. Tiger Sievers, FS, 2:19.05; 8. Devon Bontrager, FS, 2:21.47; 9. Max Bates, FS, 2:25.00; 10. Brandon Wilson, THS, 31.

Girls 1,600-meter run: 1. Natalie Kennedy, LHS, 5:49.18; 2. Ella Marshall, FS, 6:05.32; 4. Lucy Hardy, LHS, 6:10.64; 5. Sina Boeger, FS, 6:11.40; 6. Kinnley Hoffines, THS, 6:14.84; 7. Maddie DeWitt, LHS, 6:18.65; 8. Harper Merrill, FS, 6:21.82; 9. Janice Werth, FS, 6:22.62; 10. Cyrenity Hardy, LHS, 6:24.80.

Boys 1,600-meter run: 1. Ben Shryock, FS, 4:30.05; 2. Jack Keathley-Helms, FS, 4:39.64; 4. Christopher Stone, FS, 4:45.55; 6. Eli Gilmore, THS, 4:54.56; 9. Arlo Paden, LHS, 5:05.58; 10. Jack Ryan, LHS, 5:08.40.

Girls 3,200-meter run: 1. Isabelle Pro, FS, 12:10.56; 2. Maddie DeWitt, LHS, 12:28.17; 3. Natalie Kennedy, LHS, 12:28.17; 5. Allison Babbit, FS, 13:01.91; 6. Lucy Hardy, LHS, 13:13.72; 7. Eva Ackley, LHS, 14:10.31.

Boys 3,200-meter run: 2. Brock Cordova, FS, 10:22.73; 3. Ethan Sharp, FS, 10:36.77; 4. Eli Gilmore, THS, 10:50.81; 5. Jake Loos, FS, 11:06.84; 6. Arlo Paden, LHS, 11:06.92; 8. Jack Ryan, LHS, 11:16.28; 9. Keat Prescott, LHS, 11:28.43; Aiden Amis, LHS, 11:28.43.

Girls 100 hurdles: 2. Imoleayomita Okosun, LHS, 21.80; 3. Kasia Baldock, THS, 22.50; 4. Anivia Douglas, LHS, 23.26; 5. Madison Kirby, THS, 26.29.

Boys 110 hurdles: 2. Cole Wenger, FS, 16.27; 3. Dallas Bond, THS, 16.62; 4. Ethan Clubine, THS, 17.44; 6. Yoav Gillath, FS, 17.86.

Girls 300 hurdles: 3. Mattie Smith, FS, 59.44; 4. Madison Kirby, THS, 1:11.57.

Boys 300 hurdles: 2. Cole Wenger, FS, 44.37; 3. Dallas Bond, THS, 45.61; 4. Yoav Gillath, FS, 45.66; 5. Isaiah Holthaus, THS, 48.44; 6. Thomas Henderson, FS, 48.80; 7. Trevor Sidabutar, FS, 49.00.

Girls high jump: 1. Reese Hulcher, FS, 5-04.00; 2. Mariah Reed, LHS, 5-02.00; 3. Emma Sunderland, THS, 4-08.00; 4. Aubrey Duncan, FS, 4-06.00; 4. Hattie Baldock, THS, 4-06.00; 6. Olivia Roderick, FS, 4-04.00.

Boys high jump: 1. Blake Poje, THS, 6-00.00; 2. Ntense Obono, LHS, 5-08.00; 3. Colin Sandefur, LHS, 5-06.00; 4. Wyatt Harris, THS, 5-04.00; 4. Isaiah Holthaus, THS, 5-04.00.

Girls pole vault: 1. Ashley Mai, FS, 9-03.00; 2. Makenzie Vaughn, FS, 8-09.00; 3. Avery Qualseth, FS, 8-03.00; 3. Chaney Finkeldei, FS, 8-03.00; 5. Caroline Dunlap, LHS, 7-09.00.

Boys pole vault: 1. Zachary Razak, LHS, 9-09.00; 1. Tim Huffman 9-09.00; 4. Logan Schwab, FS, 9-03.00; 4. Chase Felmlee, 9-03.00.

Girls long jump: 2. Bella Kirkwood, LHS, 16-05.00; 3. Gianna Cooper, LHS, 15-06.00; 6. Destiny Savannah, LHS, 14-03.25; 8. Hattie Baldock, THS, 13-11.00; 10. Miah Cheatham, FS, 13-03.75.

Boys long jump: 1. Avion Nelson, LHS, 20-11.00; 3. Emmett Jones, FS, 19-08.50; 5. Blake Poje, THS, 19-03.00; 5. Jerred Willits, FS, 19-03.00; 6. Zeric Avery, LHS, 19-02.25; 9. Ntense Obono, LHS, 18-11.00; 10. Sam Sedo, LHS, 17-06.25.

Girls triple jump: 1. Miri Pickman, LHS, 29-10.50; 2. Brianna Pollard, THS, 29-10.50; 4. McKayla McGee, LHS, 26-05.00; 6. Makhia Krauase, LHS, 16-05.50.

Boys triple jump: 1. Avion Nelson, LHS, 41-02.00; 4. Ntense Obono, LHS, 38-00.75; 6. Jerred Willits, FS, 34-04.00; 8. Braylon Dye, LHS, 26-02.00.

Girls shot put: 1. Holly Colvert, THS, 32-1.00; 3. Soledad Edison, FS, 27-08.25; 5. Lucy Reike, THS, 27-03.00; 7. Cameron Vaughn, FS, 26-11.00; 8. Sydney Padfield, THS, 26-07.00.

Boys shot put: 1. Dylan Gillespie, LHS, 46-01.75; 2. Noah Smith, LHS, 41-08.00; 5. Luke Wheeler-Halsted, FS, 40-07.00; 6. Tyler Gourley, FS, 40-00.50.

Girls discus: 1. Holly Colvert, THS, 96-08; 2. Oli Proctor-Alberding, LHS, 79-08; 3. Sydney Padfield, THS, 78-08; 6. Allison Reed, FS, 72-08; 7. Lucy Reike, THS, 71-08; 8. Cameron Vaughn, FS, 70-08; 10. Aubrey Duncan, FS, 68-08.

Boys discus: 1. Luke Wheeler-Halsted, FS, 133-07; 2. Noah Smith, LHS, 126-08.50; 3. Dylan Gillespie, LHS, 115-00; 7. Preston Tran, FS, 100-11; 8. Cooper Jones, THS, 100-03.50.

Girls javelin: 1. Amaya Harris, LHS, 127-02; 2. Aubrey Duncan, FS, 125-06; 5. Taylor Veeder, FS, 84-04; 6. Bailey Poje, THS, 83-05; 7. Jada Big Eagle, LHS, 77-07; 9. Olivia Fergeson, FS, 74-05; 10. Reese Hulcher, FS, 70-10.

Boys javelin: 2. Ben King, LHS, 142-03; 3. Brian Lane, FS, 136-09; 4. Jude Harris, LHS, 132-03; 6. Alec Wilson, FS, 127-09; 9. Titus Birdashaw, FS, 121-07; 10. Ntense Obono, LHS, 120-01.

LHS softball swept by Manhattan in opener

Lawrence High’s softball team dropped both of its games at Manhattan High on Friday to start the new season.

Despite the two defeats, the Lions showed a lot of fight in their first competition in two years. They came from behind on two different occasions during a back-and-forth battle in the first game, which ended in a 10-8 defeat. LHS then dropped a 1-0 decision in the nightcap, which was ultimately called in the fifth inning due to weather.

In the first game, sophomore pitcher Maelee Folks made her varsity debut and pitched all seven innings. She gave up three earned runs off four hits.

The offense was led by senior Sydney Delfelder, who delivered an RBI triple in the fifth to start a four-run outburst in that frame. Sophomore Hailey Ramirez recorded two singles, a triple and two runs scored. Freshman Charlee Burghart finished with a single, triple and three RBIs.

Freshman Laci Thompson got the start in the second game for the Lions. She gave up one earned run on three hits in the narrow defeat.

LHS will travel to Shawnee Mission Northwest at 6 p.m. Tuesday.

Perry-Lecompton softball secures sweep

Perry-Lecompton’s softball squad started off the new season with a sweep during a home doubleheader against Atchison County on Friday.

The Kaws earned a 13-0 win in the first game, which lasted just five innings. They only needed four innings to earn a 17-2 victory in the nightcap. Caitlyn Champagne and Emilly Hetherington were the pitchers in the first and second game, respectively.

Perry-Lecompton will travel to Oskaloosa on Monday.


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