Lawrence school district settles ‘differences’ with departing teacher for $21K

photo by: Kim Callahan/Journal-World

The Lawrence school board is pictured during its meeting on Monday, May 13, 2024. Superintendent Anthony Lewis is at left.

The Lawrence school district has agreed to pay a teacher more than $21,000 to settle “differences” as the teacher departs the district.

As the Journal-World reported, the school board was mum at its Monday meeting after an executive session on the matter. Members voted unanimously to approve a “settlement agreement.”

The district released the agreement Thursday afternoon, pursuant to an open records request.

The “differences” between the district and a middle school teacher are not detailed in the written agreement. It states that the teacher’s voluntary resignation is effective as of April 30 and that she will be paid $16,314 for pay she would have earned under her contract from May to August, $2,294 for a cost that is redacted in the released agreement, and $2,500 for training and professional development costs.

Both parties to the settlement agreed to refrain from disparaging statements about the other.