Lawrence Community Shelter partnering with North Carolina nonprofit to distribute gift bags with supplies for homeless pet owners this winter

photo by: Animal Victory

Pets who received gift bags through North Carolina nonprofit Animal Victory's 2022 Home Street Home campaign are pictured.

The Lawrence Community Shelter is partnering with a North Carolina nonprofit to distribute 50 bags filled with pet food, toys and other supplies for homeless pet owners this winter.

LCS Interim executive director Melanie Valdez announced the partnership in an email to shelter supporters Wednesday. The nonprofit, Animal Victory, works mainly to fight against animal abuse, but it also has distributed “love bags” to dogs and cats who rely on someone who is unhoused as part of its Home Street Home project for the past four years.

“Animal Victory recognizes that many folks experiencing homelessness share an incredible bond with their pets,” Valdez said in the email. “It’s an unconditional love between a person and their fur ball that many of us have come to know and cherish. They understand that supporting a pet being with an owner who genuinely cares for it is a win for everyone, even if that person happens to be without a permanent home.”

Now, LCS is looking for donations for holiday gift bags that will provide “comfort, joy and sustenance” to animals in need. That includes treats, toys, pet food, blankets and other necessary supplies. The shelter is also looking to partner with local providers who might offer access to services like grooming or that address health concerns, spaying, neutering and other veterinary care.

The shelter is also accepting monetary donations toward purchasing supplies and organizing health-related services. People interested in donating supplies for the gift bags can also call the shelter at 785-832-8864 to coordinate.