Haskell announces scholarship money for environmental science, indigenous studies majors

The Richard David Stutzke Foundation has given $50,000 to Haskell Indian Nations University to fund scholarships for students seeking degrees in environmental science or indigenous and American Indian studies, Haskell announced this week.

“The concept of interconnectedness between humankind and environment is universally recognized among indigenous people and is the basis for both the protection of the earth and natural resources, as well as the resistance to the destruction and degradation of environmental resources that impact future generations,” Haskell President Venida Chenault said in a news release. “The Stutzke scholarships will be especially important for those students who are dedicated to advancing traditional worldviews which promote an integral role for tribal people as stewards of environment on these issues, but who do not possess the resources needed to pursue a degree at Haskell.”

Haskell faculty from both degree programs will determine criteria for the scholarship awards.

Stutzke worked in nuclear physics, spending his 40-year career in the defense industry, according to a Haskell news release. The grant recognizes the importance of protecting the environment and of contributions from a diverse population.