Kansas election official says voting systems secure from hackers

? The Kansas secretary of state’s office said Tuesday it is confident that the state’s voter registration rolls and other sensitive election data are secure from potential hacking.

“I feel like we have taken the appropriate security precautions to keep it safe,” said Bryan Caskey, director of the elections division in Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach’s office.

Earlier this month, the FBI sent alerts to state election officials throughout the country, advising them that hackers based outside the United States had broken into election databases in two states.

The FBI did not specify which two states had been hacked, but Yahoo News published a story Monday quoting sources familiar with the documents who said the states were Arizona and Illinois.

Caskey said his office received that alert and also took part in a conference call with the Department of Homeland Security to discuss potential security threats.

He said the main area of concern was with voter registration databases, which contain the names, addresses, party affiliations and other personal information of all registered voters in the state.

But Caskey said the Kansas registration database is not connected through the secretary of state’s website. And while he said he could not discuss details about how it is maintained, he said he is confident that it cannot be accessed by an outside user through the internet.

For many years, Caskey said, each county in Kansas maintained its own separate voter registration database. It has only been since January 2006 that the state has maintained a central, statewide database.

“During 10 and a half years of that system, we have not had a security failure,” Caskey said.